How To Fix A Broken Metal Bed Frame? 7 Easy Steps!

Today, we are going to ponder on the topic, “how to fix a broken metal bed frame.”

Bed frames suffer from extreme punishment by carrying the weight of the mattress and the person sleeping on the bed.

Even if the bed is made of high-quality materials, the chances of it getting broken are high!

And it also consists of many parts that could be the reason why your bed frame is starting to fall apart.

So, you must first check the slats, legs, and corners before deciding on how to fix them.

This article will surely make things easier for you.

So, continue reading!


Steps To Fix A Broken Metal Bed Frame

A metal bed frame could give you a long period of having a cozy slumber or a fun time of jumping up and down the bed. But it could not last forever.

If you happen to get your metal bed frame broken, do not throw it immediately!

We already gathered seven easy steps on how to fix a broken metal bed frame.

And here they are:


Step #1. Acknowledgment of squeaking sounds

Broken parts often result in the production of squeaking sound.

This sound gives you an idea that some parts of your bed frame are getting loose.

Look for where the sound comes from, and it might lead you to a broken or loose bed slat.

What a bummer!

Before you decide on what you should do to address this situation, make sure to avoid sleeping or applying pressure to the area that produces the squeaky sound.

However, it’s inevitable if the sound comes from the center of the bed.


Step #2. Examine your bed frame

In this step, ensure that you make plenty of room or space to examine your bed.

It will allow you to have enough access to inspects all of the bed’s corners and sides.

Before doing this step, remove your sheets and pillows and place them on a clean surface.

You can also move your mattress to a spacious area to prevent it from falling and destroying fragile valuables in your home.

Also, make a list of the parts or corners that are broken or you think that is broken.

Knowing where the squeaking sound comes from makes it easier for you to determine where you will start examining.

Once you have finished inspecting the top part of the bed and the corners, lift the bed frame onto the side and make it lean against the wall.

Then, you can start looking for broken parts on the bottom side of your bed.


Step #3. Identify the broken parts

Identifying what parts are broken could help you decide on what to do to fix it.

Your list will affirm that you have carefully examined all of your bed frame sides and corners.

And you won’t miss anything!

After identifying what parts are needed to be fixed, you can now make a plan to improve your bed quality.

For example, a broken bed slat will make you remove it and then replace it with a sturdier metal tube.


Step #4. Measure the dimensions needed

If you happen to have a broken bed slat or support legs, make sure to measure the intended length before you buy a new one from a hardware store.

That will allow you to compute how much metal tube you will need plus the extensions if you ever wanted to have some backup.

Also, it makes it cheaper if you have the correct dimensions.

You may also wish to replace other parts of your bed frame if you are not satisfied with their current condition.

However, if the broken parts are rusty bolts and loose screws, you don’t need to measure the dimension.

But you have to pick the right size for your bed.


Step #5. Find better quality materials

Try to research the best-reviewed hardware stores in your town that sells high-quality materials.

You may also list all the materials you need to buy so that you won’t forget anything.

While buying the materials for your bed, ensure that the quality satisfies your needs and will last longer.


Step #6. Attach the new parts in the right place

Before attaching the new parts of your bed frame, detach all the broken pieces.

Make plenty of room for this step for a wider space to work and to place your materials.

Set aside all unnecessary things, especially your fragile belongings, in the room.

As much as possible, clear out your space for a better working environment.

Attach the new parts as tightly as possible. But don’t overdo it because it might result in major problems.

Tiny components, such as screws and bolts, should be fastened well for a better end product.

It will also provide more support to the weight of the mattress and the person sleeping. And will produce a much sturdy bed.


Step #7. Test it out

After making sure that all parts are attached tightly, there’s only one thing left to do.

Let’s test it out!

You can try sitting on your bed and check if there are squeaking sounds, or you can go straight to sleeping.

To be sure, do a close examination if there are more problems needed to be fixed.


To End!

And that’s it! Your bed will last longer!

These are all the information we have gathered regarding the topic, “how to fix a broken metal bed frame.”

We hope that you can fix your bed on your own.

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Have a nice day!

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  1. I totally agree with what you said that it would be cost-effective if you measure first the dimensions of your bed before repairing it. My bed has been broken since last week and because I’m having someone over for dinner this weekend, I want to fix the bed right away. The problem is, I don’t have the right tools such as the nuts and bolts. That being said, I’ll make sure to find a supplier who can offer me these equipment and supplies so that I can finally fix my bed.

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