How to Finish a Granny Square Blanket in 4 Easy Ways

The granny square pattern is one of the first patterns you learn, and how to finish a granny square blanket would have crossed your mind as well.


how to finish a granny square blanket

To complete a granny square pattern, you have to stitch each stitch around the blanket. 


We’ve written four ways to finish a granny square and many more granny square-related concerns for clarification.


How To Finish A Granny Square Blanket?


Method #1. Slip stitch edging

This one is the simplest way to finish a granny square. Typically, you use the same color of yarn as with your project. 


To do this, start in the same corner of your last round. Then, slip stitch into every stitch along the edge of your project.


You can do two slip stitches in the corners of the stitch that feels too tight.


Lastly, weave the ends to finish. 


Method #2. Basic crochet stitches edging

Apart from single crochet, other basic crochet stitches fit the granny square designs.


One of the basic crochet stitches is the half double crochet. This one is a bit taller than a single crochet.


The other one is the treble crochet which stands out because it’s taller than the granny square stitches. This is a wide border, so a single round of it will do. 


The only difference between these two and the single crochet is the height of their starting chain.


Single crochet needs one chain while half double crochet needs two. Meanwhile, treble crochets need four chains. 


Method #3. V-stitch edging

The V-stitch uses the same stitch used to make the granny square. However, what makes it great is the subtle contrast between the same stitches. 


Choose any corner as your starting point and make a chain four. To make a chain four, do double crochet and a chain one.


Then, do a V-stitch by doing a double crochet, a chain one, and another double crochet. 


Do a V-stitch in every space along the edge of the blanket until you stumble on the corner. For the corner, do a V-stitch, a chain one, and another V-stitch.


Continue this until you reach the starting corner. Do one V-stitch, chain one, and slip stitch into the third chain to close this round.  


Method #4. Single crochet edging

If you’re looking for a perfect option to border your crochet granny squares, then go for the single crochet edging.


It’s better to use a complementary color for this border to highlight the granny square pattern. 


To do this:


  • Step #1. Join the yarn on a corner and do your chain one.


  • Step #2. Do a single crochet stitch along the edge until you reach a junction.


  • Step #3. When you reach the corner, do a single crochet.


  • Step #4. Work on the rest of the square until you get back to your starting point.


How many granny squares does it take to make a blanket?

After learning about finishing, you may wonder how to calculate the number of granny squares you need to make a blanket. 


Naturally, to make sure that the number of your granny squares is enough for your blanket, you have to calculate it.


First, you have to crochet a granny square. Then, measure its dimensions and round it up to the nearest inch. 


Afterward, multiply the dimensions of your granny square and your blanket. Then, divide the product of the two.


The quotient will tell you how many granny squares you need. Round your quotient up if necessary. 


For your reference, here are the typical blanket sizes and their corresponding number of granny squares:


  • Baby blanket (42” x 42”) needs 49 granny squares


  • Throw blanket (48” x 66”) needs 88 granny squares


  • Queen-size blanket (90” x 90”) needs 225 granny squares


Are granny squares challenging to do?

Granny squares aren’t tricky to do. They are actually popular among beginners because they are straightforward.


Moreover, you can do them in a single color or take it up a notch using a different color for each pattern. 


How many rounds does a granny square need?

Typically, you need to do four to five rounds. However, you can make a smaller version with just two rounds.


You can do that or keep on stitching until your blanket is one whole granny square. It’s entirely up to you!


How many hours do you need to do a granny square?

It depends on several factors, like your skill level, the pattern, and the size.


Also, you need to consider the thickness of your yarn and the size of your crochet hook.


Some are capable of doing a 3 x 4 ft granny square in four hours. Some take longer, but it’s not a competition!


Focus more on practicing your granny squares and enjoying your learning process. 



Learning how to finish a granny square blanket may be more than what you expected.


However, the varied patterns and ways to finish it gives your crochet blanket its allure.


Also, finishing it gives it a more polished look, especially when you use contrasting colors.


Otherwise, you’ll end up with a raw-looking blanket. In the end, though, it’s always up to you!