How To Find Stove Model Number? 2 Easy Ways To Do It!

How to find stove model numbers? The data plate can be challenging to locate in stoves and cookers, and it might be disregarded once it is identified, which is we have in this post to teach you how you can locate a stove’s model number. Typically, the plates are on the housing in many ways; for cookers, they’re on the rear; for built-in stoves, it’s on the side of the top.

The model number is sometimes found when the main oven door is opened on the edge of the oven cavity adjacent to the door screen.

how to find stove model number

Slowly slide a built-in device away, eliminating the side attachment screws. When completed, make sure that the cooker is removed from the hands and is supported by a working stand. A serial number is a number often found below or next to the model number.


What Is A Stove Model Number?

A model number is a unique identifier issued to the product of every computer hardware firm, also known as a model number or model no. Model numbers allow manufacturers to trace all components, identify, and replace the right part when necessary.

The model number of your oven is crucial since it enables you to make sure that your machine has the correct stove replacements. If you have difficulties, the best locations to look at are discussed below.

Most of the model furnace numbers are situated behind the door of the main furnace frame. Next, examine and inspect the hinges both inside and outside the door. Next, try checking for other doors. That is the flap on the front of your stove or under the main door of your oven. Also, try rear and side panels if you have gone through all of the above.

Once your model number has been determined, it is time to go further. If you know the model number of your cooker, you have two choices to obtain replacement components. First, you can use the online search box for eSpares or browse our cooker spares and choose to download your oven brand. Next, choose your model number from the left menu to see all the replacement components compatible with your oven or stove.


Locations Of Model Number

How to find stove model number? These model numbers are essential for easy identification of your unit, especially when you want to buy a new one online. The locations will vary depending on the model and the manufacturer. Commonly, you can find it in the drawer possession, hinter the cookware, the cookware itself, or induction at the side.


#1. On cooktops

The model and serial numbers are placed at the bottom of the front corner cooktop base. On the right side of the plenum are the models and serial numbers. These are where the model number of your fridge is located. If you didn’t find it, it would be best to read your manual or access every corner and bit of the stove unit.

Now, as you are checking your stove unit, you might notice something wrong with the burner. And if that happens, you should know how to replace a burner on a glass top stove.


#2. For trade cooktops

The model and serial numbers are on the left side of the cooktop, at the base of the cooking burner. Behind the control panel, there are models and serial numbers for double oven ranges. Slide-in range model and serial numbers may be located on the right side of the oven frame or under the storage drawer on the right side of the lower oven frame. The serial numbers and model numbers now lie on the right side of the front frame.


Ways To Find Stove Model Number

As mentioned earlier, the model number location varies depending on the particular model that you own. It can be below the base, on the sides, or inside the unit. Regardless, we will provide different ways of finding the model number for your unit. So, read on!


#1. Checking the door

Open the door throughout the oven and search for an entry frame tag. The tag is affixed at the base of the frame, near the door hinges in many locations. When you open the door, if the tag is not located there, check elsewhere. If there is an oven, open the drawer underneath it and examine the cavity around the rim.

Check to verify whether your stove is electric under the left front burner. In case the cooktop of your electric range can be lifted, elevate it. Look for a tag to the right and the center of the hollow. Take a firm hold on the tick plate. If there is a tick plate, you can remove a panel under the oven. Pull it free; maybe as you pull, it has to be elevated slightly. Next, look for the tag on the frame of the stove.


#2. Turning on the stove

Turn on the fireplace and open the door. For the model number tag, check the door frame. The numbers or letters on the tag following the “Model No.” Turn on when your stove has a broiler or drawer range. Search the tag adjacent to the griller or drawer cavity on the door frame. Clear any loose stuff from the top of the stove.

When your stove rises, raise the cooktop. Lift the body on both sides at the front. If your stove is properly set up, the model number tag is shown under the burners in the region. Keep your fingers free when the stove is lowered. Check on both sides at the outside of the stove at the bottom of your body.


It’s A Wrap!

At this point, We hope that you have already located the model number of your unit given that we have provided you with the different ways on how to find stove model numbers. For more stove articles, you’d want to read and learn how to clean a ceramic top stove.

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