How To Find Money In Dryer? 5 Easy Steps!

Do you know how to find money in dryer? Well, that depends on the type of dryer that you have. Perhaps you don’t even know that your dryer has a lot of money to offer. Some dryers have compartments where money can be found, while others need to be opened and get some of their parts removed for you to discover a “secret treasure.” 

It may seem nice to know that you can gain something from your dryer – well, they are all yours if you may come to think of it. However, if you take it seriously, money, especially coins, can be very harmful if left inside the pocket when you wash or dry the laundry.

how to find money in dryer

When getting stuck in the wrong area of the washer or dryer, coins may cause trouble. That can even cause a fire. Nevertheless, you will always gain when you wash your dryer. Never will you lose in doing so. Your dryer will not just get beautified, but you will also prevent disasters and costs if your dryer gets damaged. Also, you can have treasures that can only be found if you take some time to clean the dryer. Dear friend, may you enjoy learning up to the end of this article. 


Steps To Find Money In Dryer

The very first thing that is required for you to do and the most effective way to find money in your dryer is to clean it yourself. Yes, that’s right. Take the dust off of your hands and get ready again to get them dirty – okay, that’s funny – as you get to answer your question, “how to find money in dryer?” by cleaning your bulky dryer.


Step #1. Know the basics

You will not be able to clean your dryer right and successfully if you don’t have any idea of its nature. This includes its parts, required maintenance, as well as the functions and manual. You’ve got to do a little investigation regarding these matters to prevent any damages as you clean the dryer.


Manuals are important

You may immediately neglect or throw the user manual after displaying your appliances, but you must spend some of your time reading it. Through the manual, you’ll get familiarized with the specifications of any product, and at the same time, get the exact information regarding the particular model that you have. You can’t just rely on videos and sites on the internet.


The common mistake

There are many cases that people get confused with the lint trap, dryer vent, and lint screen. These are essential parts of your dryer because once you treat them right, your dryer will surely last for years. You can locate the lint screen and lint trap inside the door or the dryer. On the other hand, the vent is located at the back of the dryer. 

The proper way to clean the lint screen is to lift it then wipe it out using your fingers to discard the debris. You must do this after every use of the dryer. However, the lint trap can be cleaned using a brush, or you may also vacuum it. Cleaning both of these will prevent any clog at the dryer vent. These parts are included in the suspected areas where your money rests if they get into the dryer.


Step #2. Switch off the dryer

It is essential to switch off the dryer first before cleaning it. You may also forget to unplug it, and please don’t. This will ensure that the dryer is not powered as you tend it for safety purposes. In addition, for gas dryers, it is also recommended to turn off the gas before cleaning.


Step #3. Investigate the vent piping

Disconnect the clamp holding the vent pipe from the wall opening. Dryers of different manufacturers have different ways to release the clamp. It’s either you squeeze the clamp, or you may need to unscrew it for it to be released. You can now investigate the vent piping if there is any deterioration and decide whether you can just quickly fix it or it has to be replaced with a new one. 


Step #4. Remove all the clogs

It’s a good thing if you already have unclogged the vent of the dryer as well as getting rid of the trapped debris in the lint screen and trap. The next thing you should do is check the exterior vent to see if there are any clogs or obstructions. You can use your hands, but be sure to take on your gloves. As you remove the clogged things, you may discover that your money is one of them.


Step #5. Back to original form

Attach once again the vent that you have removed from the dryer. Also, you may get some debris along the floor; make sure to sweep or vacuum it. Now you can switch on the dryer and let it be for a few minutes. Observe if there is loosened debris. If none, then you are done!


It’s A Wrap!

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned how to find money in dryer. It may be a cliché, but it is a comprehensive cleaning. Dear friend, thank you for reading up to this point in the article. Your time and effort are very much appreciated.

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