How To Find Cheap Wedding Venues: 7 Best Places

Those who want to know how to find cheap wedding venues can consider seven budget venues. This list will give you a venue to suit any wedding budget, type, and theme. 

The venue can take most of the wedding budget, so you should be practical in selecting where you’ll have the ceremony. And to avoid surprise expenses, please read what is a site fee for a wedding venue as some venues include this in their total bill. 

how to find cheap wedding venues


7 Places On How To Find Cheap Wedding Venues


City hall

You can get married in the city hall or courthouse; best of all, you don’t need to worry about the legalities of the union. A civil wedding is also more affordable than a traditional one since guests would understand it’s a quick ceremony. 

You only need to pay for the ceremony in some city halls, including fees for the officiant or witness. Find your county clerk’s office to know the different requirements and check if you can accomplish everything for this wedding venue. 


House of worship

Finding affordable wedding venues can be overwhelming, especially if you have a limited wedding budget. So for religious and spiritual couples, why not consider your house of worship as your wedding location? 

Religious wedding venues typically don’t request fees as big as halls. Usually, a donation is appreciated, but remember to be respectful and follow the expectations in marrying in sacred spaces. 



If you’re finding venues in your area for an intimate wedding ceremony, you can consider a restaurant for the event. Some restaurants even offer a separate space such as the rooftop for the ceremony; you can do the wedding reception in their dining area. 

The wedding budget for this venue is usually affected by the duration you’ll book the space. A restaurant location is also convenient since you don’t need to worry about rentals which typically increase the expenses when trying to find cheap wedding venues.


Local park

Outdoor wedding venues are trendy nowadays, especially for rustic or boho wedding ceremonies. But instead of looking for expensive hotel garden venues, you can find a local park for your wedding. 

Parks are affordable venues as they only typically charge a small fee. The only limitation is the public space; you might be limited with the duration and activities you can do. 



An affordable wedding venue that you may not expect is a college or university. However, some campuses have locations that would make a fantastic backdrop for a cheap wedding that doesn’t look cheap. 

If you and your partner are alumni of a university or it’s a sentimental place where you met, it would make a fantastic venue for the wedding. Just remember to know the rules that the university has with events. 

Check campuses where you can get married for an affordable price. 


Conference center

Consider finding a conference center if you want a budget venue for an indoor wedding. Since a conference center is an event space, it would be convenient even for the wedding reception if you don’t want to book two venues. 

You can always decorate the space inspired by other weddings to make it less like a meeting location. And best of all, conference centers are cheaper than other indoor wedding venues. 



You may not consider Airbnb for wedding venues, but it’s possible to get a fantastic find on this platform. Check a destination on Airbnb where you want to have your wedding. 

You can read how to find Airbnb for a wedding, then ask the host about having an event in their space. This is also a good solution for having a destination wedding on a budget. 


What Are The Cheapest Types Of Wedding Venues?

The cheapest wedding venue is a personal backyard or garden. For one, you won’t pay for renting the space, and there are no limitations in using this place for the wedding ceremony. 

If you have a naturally picturesque outdoor, you don’t need to spend much on decorating it. The only expenses would be the rentals and other iconic wedding pieces like the arch or aisle. 


Where Is The Cheapest Place To Have A Destination Wedding?



If you don’t want to go outside the US for your destination wedding, consider getting married in Flordia. You can try many cheap wedding venues for a picturesque Florida beach wedding. 

Some resorts also offer wedding packages with freebies. So just remember to get married during the wedding off-season to save on costs. 



If you want to travel for your wedding without getting overwhelmed by expenses, Hawaii would be a reasonable and affordable wedding venue. Some beach hotels offer wedding packages, especially for guests who stay. 

But of course, if you’ll shoulder the travel expenses of guests, it’s best to have an intimate wedding. You can also tell your guests that accommodation fees are exclusive. 


How Can I Have An Inexpensive Wedding Reception?

Some couples opt for a reception-only wedding to save on their wedding budget. This way, you won’t book a separate venue for the ceremony and reception. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how to find cheap wedding venues: city hall, place of worship, restaurant, local park, university, conference center, and Airbnb.

And to help you save more, please book during the wedding off-season. 

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