How To Fill Out Wedding RSVP: Best Complete Guide

You should know how to fill out wedding RSVP by learning the proper way of confirming your attendance, filling out the space after the M on the RSVP card, indicating your meal choice, and even knowing what to write out if you can’t attend the wedding. This article is a complete etiquette guide for guests filling out a wedding RSVP card.

We will also discuss if responding is necessary and when you must reply. Speaking of which, here’s a separate discussion regarding when should RSVP be due for a wedding

how to fill out wedding rsvp


How To Fill Out A Wedding RSVP Card: Complete Response Card Etiquette For Guests


How do you confirm an RSVP invitation?

Before anything else, understand who is invited to the wedding. You can check the space to know how many can attend but never make assumptions yet. 

Start by inspecting the inner or outer envelope of the wedding invitation where the couple likely addressed the people invited. For families, you can only assume that your children are invited if their names are addressed, or the couple used the term “and family.”

There should also be an information card where the couple might’ve indicated if it’s an adults-only wedding. If there are no other cards, the RSVP card typically has a note mentioning how many people from your home are invited. 

Apply the same rule when deciding on bringing a guest. For example, if you’re the only one addressed and there are no indications regarding plus-ones, never invite or bring them to the wedding. 


How do you fill out an RSVP card with m?

The RSVP card has a line after the M. This is where you will fill out the RSVP card with the names of attending the wedding. 

Use the first and last name of the person, and make sure that your handwriting is easy to decipher. So how do you write a wedding response card?

For a husband and wife, please start with the husband’s title and then his first and last name like M_r. and Mrs. John Smith. The same applies to an unmarried couple, except the woman will use “Ms.”

Apply the same formatting rules for same-sex relationships, whichever you’re comfortable with. And if the invitation also invited your children, use their first names. 

Often, there’s a dedicated space on the RSVP card where you can fill out how many people will attend the wedding from your household. Some also use this space to indicate that they’ll bring their children. 


How do you indicate guest meal choice on RSVP card?

The RSVP card will sometimes include the wedding food choices. Indicate your preference by putting the attendee’s initials next to the food choice, which can be the food’s name or a symbol. 


How do you RSVP to a wedding with a plus one?

Your wedding invitation might be addressed to you as your name and “invited guest.” This confirms that you can bring a plus-one or a plus-one note with the RSVP card. 

When filling out the RSVP card, write your full name then your guest’s full name. First, however, familiarize yourself with how to say no plus-ones on wedding invitation, so you’ll know if the couple only invited you. 


Do you decline an RSVP?

You’ll still fill out the RSVP card even if you can’t attend by writing your name and indicating you can’t come. You must also clarify the number of people who will attend to help the couple with the guest count. 

If only one person from your two-person household can attend, have them fill out the response card with their full name and title. Instead of writing an “x” to indicate that one declines, you’ll write “1” next to the “accepts” and “1” next to the “declines.”

Don’t hesitate to write a personalized note behind the RSVP card to explain your reasons for not attending. 


What Is The M For On A Wedding RSVP?

The M before the line where you’ll fill out a wedding RSVP card refers to the M at the beginning of the person’s title. The titles are Mr., Mrs., or Ms., which is why you’ll write your names after the M. 


When Should You Respond To The RSVP On An Invitation?

Ideally, you should respond and fill out the wedding RSVP card as soon as possible or after 24 hours. The couple will appreciate it as they’re planning the wedding according to the number of guests who can attend. 

You shouldn’t wait two weeks before the wedding to write out the response card. It would be distasteful to add to the couple’s stress with preparations. 


Are You Supposed To Respond RSVP?

You are always supposed to respond to the RSVP card, whether you can or cannot attend the wedding. Don’t have the couple reach out to you personally as they have other duties and it’s also rude to participate in a wedding when you didn’t send your response card back.



And that’s it! To recap how to fill out wedding RSVP, you must confirm who are invited before writing on the line after the M. 

Then, use the correct titles for the attendees and write the number of people who can come to the wedding. The key is never to assume who you can bring and send out the response card as soon as possible. 

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