How To Fake Donations On YouTube? 3 Easy Ways!

How to fake donations on YouTube? There is more than one way to fake a donation on YouTube, whether by using foe StreamLabs, SuperChats, or StreamElements.

When it comes to marketing a fundraising campaign, what kind of marketing strategy do you think is the best? Handing out flyers, posters, or posting through social media? In today’s modern trends, I think you have already watched a video on YouTube, right? Did you know that you can make use of the platform to raise funds for your cause?

How to fake donations on YouTube

You can fetch a good amount of money for your charity through this platform. I know it may sound bizarre just posting a video and earning money. Well, some streamers have this kind of thing in mind. Why don’t we talk about more in this article?


Fundraising While Earning In Online Platforms

When it comes to earning money for a cause, a website might be a good idea to organize it. However, you might need a good marketing strategy to help you reach the amount that you need. Some YouTube creators use the platform to gain fame in charity by giving away donations to either random people or someone they know. If you aim to be one of these creators, you need to be aware of the fake contributions.


Ways To Fake Donations On YouTube

Are you wondering how to fake donations on YouTube? It is very troublesome to be scammed by a phony donation, so you should know how they do it and how to counter the circumstances.


#1. Super chats

Not all fake donations are insufficient; sometimes, they help you monetize your YouTube account. One of those ways is with the use of YouTube’s partner programs. Take Super Chats, for example. If you are a live streamer on YouTube, one way to grab your attention is to pin the fans’ comments on top of the comment section. Now, how will your fans or audience do that?

With Super Chats, they could donate money, and their name, together with the amount, will be pinned on the comment section. They are making it look more attractive to the eyes because their words are highlighted. Knowing that you’ll see their comments and donations, they want you to mention their names and know that they’re your biggest fans. You did not only gain watch time but also donated. Although beware that it may be a scam because sometimes no money is involved during the donation.


#2. Using StreamElements

If you are a content creator on YouTube, you could probably say that it is more of a test than a fake donation. If you use Stream Elements, you could test if the donation button on your live stream works. First, you’ll have to go to the StreamElements website and connect your YouTube account. Choose the Google account of the channel you want to connect. Choose a tour channel and allow StreamElements to manage your account.

After logging in, you’ll have to set up your receiving platform, which is through Paypal. Enter your Paypal email and save it. You could also use bank accounts if you have some. Create an overlay and add the bot to your channel. If you are new to StreamElements, you’ll have to create a new overlay. Just click the tab that says “My Overlays” found at the sidebar of your screen. Create a new one and name it. Enter the preferred resolution and click submit.

You could also import many accounts on StreamElement. You are importing from Twitch, YouTube, and many more. You could also use SuperThemes to make your work even more informative. If you find it more valuable, here is a complete guide for the StreamElement website. You may also want to know how to stream on YouTube with OBS live.


#3. StreamLabs

The same with StreamElements, the StreamLabs works the same. However, StreamLabs best works on Twitch. Twitch is another platform similar to YouTube, but they differ in prioritizing their content creators. In Twitch, only the most popular streamers are recommended, and a newly established streamer may have to work through all of the popular ones for them to become viral.

YouTube, however, has a lot more to offer. You could store the videos online, have them look at the videos you’ve created, you can stream live too, and when it comes to video recommendation, there is a chance that a new video with fewer views will be suggested. So it is a better platform to start with.

If you want to send a fake donation through chats, you can start by changing your username’s font color. The donations in the comments section are more visible and have color codings to be noticed. You will need PrimeGaming to do this and go to your settings. Change the font color of your name, then save it. Next is to find the streamer you want to do the test with. 

Use the “/me” chat command. The command follows your name, saving you the hassle of rewriting your username. After donating, follow the channel to make an alert. Following will make your donation sound more natural. Also, read about how to change Streamlabs donation GIF


It’s A Wrap!

Knowing how to fake donations on YouTube can be helpful to knowledge on how to prevent yourself from scammers out there. Many people tend to get through these online platforms only to get scammed, but I hope you choose wisely than waste your time pranking someone else. Also, read about how to fake a Twitch donation

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