How To End A Wedding Ceremony The Best Way

To know how to end a wedding ceremony, understand the four steps for a grand finale before the wedding reception. Ceremonies are usually straightforward, but knowing how to end it can help set the tone for the livelier wedding reception. 

You’ll also know how to finish the ceremony when you practice during the rehearsal. And after the reception itself, you can read how to leave your wedding reception

how to end a wedding ceremony


Here’s How To End A Wedding Ceremony With A Bang


Pronouncement of marriage

  • The end of the ceremony should have a very short pause from the officiant for a dramatic effect
  • The officiant will officially finish the ceremony with the line “By the power vested in me…”, whichever phrase is legal for pronouncing the couple as married; what the officiant says for the pronouncement does not matter if the couple underwent a valid separate ceremony beforehand
  • Know that before you can legally perform weddings, you need to get ordained and accomplish the requirements of the state


Couple will seal their official marriage with a kiss

  • After the wedding pronouncement, a romantic way to finish the ceremony officially is to have the couple seal their official union with a kiss
  • The officiant can step back and use wordings that can encourage one partner to kiss their spouse; your phrase does not matter, and it can even be something hilarious to set the tone for the upbeat wedding reception


Have the closing remarks

  • After the pronouncement of marriage and the kiss of the newlyweds, the officiant needs to have closing remarks before the wedding exit
  • This will also give the guests a brief expectation for the reception
  • You also don’t want to randomly go into the reception, so closing remarks are essential for a smooth transition 
  • The closing remarks should hype the guests up as the couple head up the front for their final moment 
  • You’ll essentially tell the guests where the newlyweds will head out, usually for photo sessions and portraits 
  • You’ll also announce where the guests will go, whether it’s photoshoots or the cocktail hour before the wedding reception
  • At this point, give the guests the time and place for the reception, so they’ll know what’s in store for them after the marriage ceremonies
  • Finish the closing remarks by thanking the guests for coming on behalf of the newlyweds and their family
  • To finish the ceremony on high energy, use a loud and upbeat tone and announce that you’re going to start celebrating 


Have the couple do the wedding exit

  • The final way to end marriage ceremonies is the official exit of the couple or the recessional
  • You can also practice this part of the recessional during the wedding rehearsal
  • The couple will face their guests as they have been looking at each other for a while up until this point
  • Return the bridal bouquet to the bride
  • The officiant will have everyone stand up and then introduce the couple as official husband and wife 
  • It’s also helpful to play celebratory music as the guests clap and cheer 
  • The couple will exit followed by the wedding party, their closest families, and then the guests 

Know how to run a wedding rehearsal for more tips on practicing the wedding ceremony and not just the wedding exit.


What Do You Say At The End Of A Wedding?

There are three steps to finish the wedding ceremony. You’ll start with the pronouncement, lead the couple to kiss, and then finish everything by presenting the couple as officially married before leading everyone to the reception. 

Here are the sample scripts for the wedding ceremony finale:

  1. By the power vested in me by the [state/organization for the ordination], I now pronounce you to each other, husband and wife!
  2. You may now kiss each other/ [groom/bride] you may kiss [groom/bride]
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen! May I present you, Mr. and Mrs. [last name of the couple]
  4. On behalf of [couple/couple’s families], we thank you for celebrating [couple’s names] love for each other. We will now proceed into the cocktail hour. So, are you all ready to party with our newlyweds?


How Do You Conclude A Ceremony?

Typically, the officiant finishes the ceremony with the pronouncement, kiss, and the recessional or wedding exit. However, there are creative ways to conclude the marriage ceremony and set the tone for the wedding reception. 

  • Exit in a unique vehicle such as a carriage or motorcycle instead of the traditional car
  • Release doves or butterflies
  • Have the guests ring bells
  • Consider alternative wedding toss ideas such as eco-friendly confetti


How Do You Introduce A Wedding At The End Of The Ceremony?

At the end of the wedding ceremony, there are three critical announcements. The officiant will tell the guests what the couple will be doing next and what is in store for the guests at the wedding reception. 

As for officially introducing the newly married couple, there are no rules on what wordings to use. You can just use a short phrase to gather guests’ attention and introduce the couple as husband and wife or Mr. and Mrs. 



Was this guide helpful? You just learned how to end a wedding ceremony by doing the pronouncement, having the couple seal it with a kiss, closing remarks, and saying the final remarks for a smooth transition into the reception. 

Let us know below if you have questions regarding conducting a ceremony. 

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