How To Enclose A Carport To Make A Room? 6 Awesome Steps

Do you want to know how to enclose a carport to make a room? We’ll teach you how; know these facts first!

A house with an additional room will surely give extra storage space for you.

how to enclose a carport to make a room

If you wish to enclose a carport for a room addition, then this article is the right one that you need.

There are a lot of functions in which you can be very beneficial, and also you can turn your old carport into something lovely.

Depending on the carport location, the room can be considered a bedroom and add value as your safe place.

Enclosing a carport is the right way for you to open space into a usable room in your home.

You can turn a particular area into a functional chamber since it can be used for many purposes.

In this article, we will be discussing the steps that you should take in enclosing your carport to make a room.

Are you ready? If yes, then let us begin!


Steps In Enclosing A Carport To Make A Room

Is there a need for you to have another square footage to your home?

Then I will be giving you the right steps to take. How to enclose a carport to make a room?

Here are the following that you have to keep in mind in enclosing a carport:


Step #1. Prepare the carport

The very first thing that you must do is to clean the flooring of your carport.

Now, take a closer to the area in which is not butted up against the cement.

Then, make two the four-inch board give you a hand in holding the concrete.

I am sure that by doing this, you can have a more sturdy foundation.

For a more effective way, you can make good of the stakes from the outside of the form to hold it in place.

If you are not well-experienced with construction, you can try and call for a cement dealer to pour the cement flooring for you.

Do not do this job if you are not good at it if you do not want to have unlevel flooring for the new room.


Step #2. Get the measurement of the whole carport

For the second step, you have to measure the length, width, and height of your carport.

After that, you can now make the frames of the walls by using a two by the four-inch board.

Keep in mind that the separation of the wall studs should be sixteen inches.

You must follow it because experts suggest that.

Depending on your wall’s length, say you have a very long one; you would surely need to have two to three separate frames.

It must be nailed together across the top and bottom by the two by four-inch boards.

For every three feet, put a chair between the studs to serve as a marking.


Step #3. Bolt the frames

After getting the proper measurements, the next step is to secure these frames by using lag bolts.

You must use long screws for you to ensure the top structure into the roof of the carport.

These bolts will serve as your double lock so that you can make the room last for a long time and withstand elements of nature.


Step #4. Cover the walls up

The very next thing that you must consider is to cover the walls with the use of plywood.

You can then layer it with another material of your choice like, for example, a siding.

If you designed the walls to have windows, then this is the best for you to install them.

Ensure that you secure each window so that you won’t have a hard time fixing them again and again.


Step #5. Wire the outlets

Of course, you surely would want to have electricity in your room, am I right?

And that is the fifth step you have to do, and you can even add some additional outlets (depending on your preference).

You can hire an electrician, or you can do it yourself if you are well-trained in the wiring.

There are states which will indeed require you to have electricians to do the job.

So, make sure if you, being the electrician, are allowed in your country or not to avoid the commotion.

Insulations are also required to be placed between the studs, so please do not forget if you wish, your space will be cozy for winter days.


Step #6. Do finishings and touch-ups

After you have done all the outside work and wirings, you might as well make the room look nicer by putting paint or wallpapers.

For the flooring, you can cover up the cement with carpets, tiles, or wood flooring (which mainly depends on your taste).

These actions will make your room more presentable and be cozy during stay-ins.



So, how to enclose a carport to make a room?

In conclusion, an underused carport can be turned into something useful, like a functional living space.

You can have the option of improving the roof system so that you can have a more robust foundation for your soon-to-be room.

I hope you will follow the steps mentioned above thoroughly, and good luck in converting your carport into an enclosed room.

Thank you very much for reading!

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