How To Edit Name On Gofundme Donation? The Easiest Way!

Do you want to know how to edit name on GoFundMe donation? Wonder no more because this article will show you the quick and easy process to do just that. In GoFundMe, it is easy to make changes when unforeseen circumstances get in the way. That happens a lot with platforms that are used for money transfer and collection. 

Do you also want to know how to start your GoFundMe? Don’t worry because we have that in this article too. We have made it easy to understand, broke down the expectations and what you can do with GoFundMe step by step. There is so much more to learn from this article, so let’s dig on further!

how to edit name on GoFundMe donation


What Is Gofundme?

When you’re looking for a fast and easy way to collect funds for a project or anything at all, what you need is GoFundMe. This also works for those who just want to raise money for their family, friends, or themselves. Anyone can donate to your GoFundMe, and believe it or not, it happens, and no one thinks weirdly of it. You can even start a GoFundMe for someone you don’t personally know, and this happens a lot on social media influencers and other people who met through the internet or are known because of a viral feud. 

Of course, there are many reasons for someone to start a GoFundMe for someone they don’t know, but this is very much happening now. So what is a GoFundMe? This is an online platform where people, or more like strangers, can donate. When starting a GoFundMe, you need to tell your story on the donation page. You will be given a space to tell your story on your GoFundMe, which can provide the people with an idea of what they would want to fund. You can then speak about your goal for GoFundMe so everyone knows how the progress is so far. Even if you don’t get to reach your goal, you can still cash out the donations.


How Do I Cash Out From Gofundme

To collect the funds from your GoFundMe, you will need a bank account. No, they don’t accept PayPal or any other online money transferring platform. You will need to make an official bank account to withdraw your GoFundMe funds. Here are some things you should be aware of about withdrawing.


#1. Bank account details

To withdraw from your GoFundMe, you will need to give information about your bank details. In some cases where, for example, someone else was sent by the bank account owner to make the withdrawal in their place, documentations need to be presented. Any legitimate proof that they were indeed sent by the rightful owner of the GoFundMe account. This will include some ID photos, a signed bank statement, or a signed letter.


#2. Withdraw earlier than needed

When you withdraw from your GoFundMe, you need to verify your withdrawals one week before receiving the funds. The waiting time for receiving withdrawals takes an average of about 2-5 business days before reaching the bank account.


#3. 90 days rule

Someone gave the first donation for your GoFundMe. Congratulations! You will need to mark this day as it is essential for when you want to withdraw your funds. Your withdrawals must be verified within 90 days after your first donation. This is a safety procedure so that donations to an inactive or abandoned account will not go to waste. After 90 days and no withdrawals have been verified, the gifts will be sent back to their respective donors. Since confirming your withdrawal also takes some time, it is not advisable to do this near your 90th day.


#4. You can still withdraw again

After making your withdrawal and receiving the funds, you can still withdraw again from the same GoFundMe sometime in the future. This means you can still receive donations from your account. So long as you keep active and update your account. You can even choose the frequency of when you can accept donations. In your settings, you can choose to receive them daily, weekly, or monthly.


How To Edit Your Name On Gofundme Donation

So, how to edit name on GoFundMe donation? When sending donations, you will be required to provide a name. If you have made a mistake or need to change the name, don’t worry because you can still change this even after already donating. In the following paragraphs, you will read about how to edit the title on GoFundMe donation.

Go to the GoFundMe sign-in or log-in page. At the top right of the page, click on the three lines that you see. A menu will then drop down, and you will need to select “donations you’ve made.” You can then browse which donation you’ve made that you would like to edit. Once you’ve found it, select “manage” below it. Find the “display name and comment” to make the desired changes. Save your changes after you complete the edit. Know more about changing your name on a donation


It’s A Wrap!

You now know how GoFundMe works, what it can help you with, and how to edit name on GoFundMe donation. We hope this article has made it easier for you to solve your problem and understand more about GoFundMe. Thank you for reading!I guess it’s helpful to read about how to put a donation button on your website and how to build a clothing donation box.

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