How To Edge A Crochet Blanket? 2 Best Stitches

Those who want to learn how to edge a crochet blanket will love the two stitches we’ll teach. They are the V-stitch crochet and the shell stitch crochet. The latter is for those wanting a more decorative finish, but both stitches will work well on your crochet blankets, such as a granny square. 

But if you prefer the easiest way to edge a crochet blanket, this article will also discuss the single crochet edge. It’s an excellent technique for those curious about how to fix uneven crochet blanket. Without further ado, let’s get started!

How To Edge A Crochet Blanket

How Do You Edge A Crochet Blanket For Beginners?

The best way to edge a crochet blanket, especially for a beginner, is the V-stitch. It works well for square blankets such as those that use the granny square. And if you want a more decorative edging, try the shell stitch.

V-stitch blanket border

  1. Start your yarn on whichever corner you like and chain four, double crochet in that same corner
  2. The V-stitch is essentially double crochet, chain one, double crochet, and you’ll work it in each space of a row until you reach the corner
  3. For the corners, you’ll work a V-stitch, chain 1, and V-stitch for each of them
  4. Repeat the process around your blanket and close the round by making one V-stitch, chain one, and slip stitch on the third chain when you reach the starting chain.

Shell stitch blanket border

  1. Start your yarn in any corner or the last one you worked with and chain three, two double crochet in that same corner
  2. Make a slip stitch into the previous round using the second stitch of the following three double crochet
  3. Work five double crochet in the next space and slip stitch into the second stitch of the last round like you did in step 2
  4. Repeat the process until you reach another corner and work three double crochet, chain two, and three double crochet
  5. Once you have reached the corner you started with, close the round by making three double crochet, chain two, and slip stitch on the top of chain three.

How Do You Crochet A Border On A Single Crochet Blanket?

Another beginner-friendly way to border your blanket is with a single crochet. It’s versatile for different blanket types and sizes, and you can use it as a transition edge for multi-colored projects. You can even single crochet the blanket border as a foundation before crocheting more decorative stitches.

  1. Chain one, single crochet in each stitch across the top row
  2. Work the corner with three single crochet of your last stitch and bring your yarn over the blanket to crochet on that side of the project
  3. Single crochet around the double crochet stitch and single crochet on that stitch’s base
  4. Repeat the process around the double crochet post until you reach the bottom blanket edge
  5. Work the corner as usual in the starting chain or in the first stitch of the bottom row
  6. Single crochet in each stitch across that row until you have one left and work the corner inside it
  7. Work on the other side of the blanket until you reach the top row or where you started the round
  8. Slip stitch in this chain, and you can make more rounds if you needed

How Do You Finish The Edge Of A Crochet Blanket?

Simple straight border

One of the safest ways to finish the edge of a crochet blanket without worrying about the final look and functionality is to simply use a straight border using the chain stitch, treble stitch, and slip stitch. This edging will also ensure that your blanket will stay even and lay flat. However, remember that other factors can cause a blanket edge to become uneven.

Scallop crochet border

If you made an Afghan blanket, you could use scallop crochet for its border. The scalloped edging is even beginner-friendly, and knowing it can be your staple every time you finish an Afghan. It is also called shell edging.

Ribbed double crochet border

If you want textured edging on your blanket, why not use the ribbed crochet. It only uses double crochet, so it’s beginner-friendly as well. And depending on your preference, it’s easy to widen this border. 

Moss stitch border

Finishing the blanket edge can also affect the project’s overall neatness. You can achieve a clean look using a moss stitch border, and you only need to know single crochet stitches and chains. The result is a flat texture that looks good on either side.

Camel stitch border

Finally, those who hate sticking to stitch counts can opt to finish the crochet blanket edge with the camel stitch. This edging works on all types of blankets, and you can easily adjust it to how big you would like. If you want, change the colors for every row to enhance your blanket’s look.


Finishing the crochet blanket means ensuring that the edges are neat. In this article, you have learned how to edge a crochet blanket with the V-stitch, shell stitch, and single crochet stitch. There are also other borders worth checking, which might work best for your blanket pattern.

Which of these blanket edges is your favorite? Have you done any of them? Let us know below!