Easy 6-Step Tutorial On How To Dye Chair Fabric At Home

Painting Rit dye with a brush is the best way how to dye chair fabric. When you are finished, your chair will look as good as new.

It’s a simple process that doesn’t need too many materials. Perfect for an afternoon of D.I.Y. when you’re free!

How should you start, and what are the best ways to protect the chair color after it’s dyed? All your questions will be answered here!


What Chair Materials Can Be Dyed

The thought of dyeing a chair can be intimidating. You might waste a beautiful chair and a tremendous amount of paint! You should determine first how suitable your chair is for dyeing.


Cotton and polyblends

These are the best materials for the upholstered chairs to work with. They are smooth and not too textured, so your dye will spread evenly on them.


Velvet and woven fabric

These fabrics are highly textured, so it may be a little more challenging to dye them. It’s still possible, though, and velvet absorbs color well, and you don’t have to take out the fabric!

It’s best to practice on a small sample material for both fabrics and use a liquid dye to make sure the color spreads quickly without damaging the texture.


Why You Should Dye Your Chairs

Why do you have to go through the trouble of dyeing your chair? Over time, the color of furniture fades; this is accelerated when the piece is always under the sun.

Having faded furniture can ruin even the most beautiful house. That is why it is best to learn how to dye your chairs to return them to their former beauty.

Maybe your furniture isn’t faded yet; perhaps you just want a new look or need them to match a new paint job. You may customize the color of your chairs anytime you want; it’s cheaper than buying new ones!


Can You Use Spray Paint On A Chair? 

Spray paint makes everything convenient, it’s quick to use, and it can cover a surface well. Are they good enough for chairs, though?

Yes! As long as you remember to clean the sofa before painting, any type will do! Just remember to fortify the area for stains and run the hard-to-reach nooks and crannies with a paintbrush.

Applying dye on a chair is simple; you just need patience and close attention to detail. The finished product will be a piece that stores would love to add to their display.


Step-By-Step Process On Dyeing Chair Fabric

You know all the ideas and designs by heart; now it’s time to put everything in action.  Here is the easiest way to dye a chair. This process uses a dye that you have to paint on with a brush.


Step #1. Get your materials ready

You will need the chair, all-purpose dye, dye fixative, tape, a garden hose, and finally, paintbrushes and rubber gloves. Once you have them all, you can start painting!


Step #2. Prep your chair

Make sure to bring it outside to avoid any mess indoors. Your chair should be clean before you print it, so maybe run the vacuum over it or give it a full-fledged wash.


Step #3. Mix your dye together

Remember to use gloves for this part! Add your dye to four gallons of water and stir. Rit is an excellent brand for your dye needs because they specialize in furniture.


Step #4. Paint your chair

Apply the dye to the chair. Use either a sprayer or a paintbrush to apply the shade.


Step #5. Rinse your chair when it’s finished

When you are finished painting, pass some water on your chair until the water becomes clear.


Step #6. Drying and finishing up

Let your chair dry thoroughly, then spray the fixative to protect the color. This process usually takes two days, depending on the weather.

Now you can enjoy your chair! People won’t even know your piece was painted at home!


How To Protect Your Chair From Fading

Now that you have your beautifully painted chair, how do you make sure it won’t fade once more? The sun is the biggest culprit for faded furniture, which is why you should keep them away from direct sunlight. You can even reorganize your furniture to give it more space.

What are other things you can do to stop fading?


Window treatments

Install curtains, blinds, draperies, or shutters as needed around the house. It protects the furniture and the inhabitants of the house from harsh sunlight.


Put a window film

Window films are a fantastic alternative to treatments; they let the natural light enter but reflect 99.9 of the sun’s U.V. rays. You have the light without the damage!

Your home is a safe place for you and your family and an investment for the future. That is why you must always choose the best when it comes to protecting your home.

Chairs can really bring a home together, just like other pieces of furniture. Changing the color schemes of your house and furniture is a fun activity that will keep your creative juices flowing.



When you learn how to dye chair fabric, you will change the colors of everything in your home! Learning how to protect your pieces is essential too, so the colors remain vivid. Now you have a beautiful, magazine-worthy home!

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