How To Dry Your Hair Fast With A Blow Dryer? 3 Best Techniques That You Can Use!

How to dry your hair fast with a blow dryer? Sometimes, you can be in a hurry, and you just got out of the bathtub. With that, your hair is still wet, and you have no time to dry it with your blow dryer. Today, we could fix that problem; all you have to do is stay until the end of this article to know more about our topic for today.

Many reasons are the causes to why this problem is happening among people. There may be because of cold weather, no time to dry, thick hair, and many more reasons why this happens. It can sometimes be a hassle for you, especially if you are in a hurry, so to do that, we have prepared some steps that are easy to follow.

how to dry your hair fast with a blow dryer

You may use these as a guide throughout your daily usage since these techniques are worth trying and effective if you face this problem. To further know more about how to dry your hair fast with a blow dryer, let us now move on to the steps on how to accomplish that. Here, you may be able to learn it.


Drying Your Hair Fast With A Blow Dryer

How to dry your hair fast with a blow dryer? We will be spilling the techniques that we’ve learned through experience here, so make sure that you put these to proper use so that you can apply them when needed for daily usage. Without further ado, here are the steps to solve and accomplish it:


Technique #1. Shaking off the excess water once done showering

This is common among individuals and is proven to be technically adequate since it works for some people, and for some, it doesn’t. To do this, try shaking the water out of the hair once you are done showering so that you will somehow shorten the drying time once the excess has been dried on some.

For at least a minute or two, gently do this to your hair and squeeze out any excess water using your hands if it still feels wet.

Once done, you can repeat the whole process until the water dries out. From there, you can run it through a hairdryer just within seconds resulting in lesser time consumed from blow-drying the hair.


Technique #2. Dry your hair using a towel or cloth

Since squeezing your hair might take lots of time to finish off until it is good to run through a blow dryer, we have found a much faster way to do that instead of wasting too much energy just trying to dry your hair out. When doing this, proceed with caution as hair fall may sometimes occur if you have thin hair.

Make sure that you do it gently and not the rough way around to do this technique. Try investing your money in some microfiber cloth for the hair, or as an alternative; if you do not have one currently, a cotton t-shirt will do the job. Start by placing it in your head so that all the moisture gets sucked in the cloth.

From there, you can rub it gently to help eliminate the frizz before you can even proceed to turn on the blow dryer.

Once everything has been set to place, dry your hair until you feel good enough to run through the blow dryer. After that, blow dry your hair to your desired style or dryness, and you are all good to go. On the other hand, this article, “6 ways to blow-dry your hair faster” also has helpful tips you can try!



Technique #3. Pre drying your hair for more protection

As you all know, damaged hair is sometimes the result of overheating your hair too much with a blow dryer. So before showing off your cool styles with a brush and all, you should start doing the technique called pre-drying.

With this process, the hair can get rid of moisture present and is a part of blow-drying. This involves the blow dryer turning it to medium heat and staying that way for a bit.

Blast the hair as quickly as possible when it is now in your desired setting. You don’t need to dry your hair throughout the whole process. It is better to leave it at sixty to seventy percent dried up.

To do this, start from the roots going to the ends of your hair. From there, move your finger and comb it straight as the blow dryer passes by. Also, your hands will be needed here for use since putting hair away near the scalp can speed up this process.

Once done, you can blow-dry your hair until it is perfect and dried up. You will then notice lots of hair and dirt in your hairbrush, which is natural. But this article will help you fix that: How to clean hair brushes with dryer sheets?


It’s A Wrap!

How to dry your hair fast with a blow dryer? Now that we know how to dry your hair fast with a blow dryer, it is now that to go without the hassles of drying your hair beforehand which sometimes, can take a lot of time and effort to accomplish.

Furthermore, you might also want to learn how to wash your hair the fastest way possible. And now that you’re done with this topic, you might also want to learn how to choose a hairdryer suited for your hair! That is all.

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