How To Dry Hair Without Blow Dryer? Essential Information To Know!

How to dry hair without blow dryer? Prepare to blot your hair and leave it dry, remove water from it, flip your hair upside and down, blot it again with a towel, concentrate on the roots, comb hair with a wide-tooth type of comb, & finish it with air drying.

Blow-drying the hair only causes further damage to it. Better to spend more time getting your hair ready. Opt for an easier alternative instead of blow-drying. It won’t take long hours to do so. Try some of the various methods in drying hair.

how to dry hair without blow dryer

Drying hair only damages the hair standards while it causes some split ends. While a hairdryer is indeed a blessing, it still can dry hair a lot faster. Learn more below to reduce the drying time.


Steps To Follow In Blotting The Hair To Get It Dry

Follow the steps below in blotting the hair to get it dry.


#1. Conditioning the hair

Make sure the hair is in good condition. Use conditioner to promote healthy and glowing hair. What’s more, it helps in repelling water. Conditioner use features coatings that stay with the hair. Water slides off immediately to the hair. Make use of smooth and leave-in conditioner for curly hair. What it does is fight off frizz in an air-drying procedure. For fine hair, add up some oil especially on the dry ends.


#2. Removing water

Begin to dry your hair before you step out of the comfort room. Squeeze the amount of water from the hair. Use your fingers to comb your hair strands. Fluff them to separate the hair strands. Know that this does dry up your hair a lot faster. Get it wet again after rinsing it off. Then, pin your hair up once done in the shower. Or, if you want, remove it away from the spray that decreases water from staying in your hair.


#3. Shaking the hair out

Flip your hair upside and down as you get out of the bathroom. Shake it around for several minutes. With your fingers, lift the hair roots that speed up the process of drying them. Shake the hair until the air flows through the strands. What it does is dry hair faster than let the strands stick together.


#4. Blotting the hair using a towel

Remove excess water from the hair using a towel. Use a super-absorbent type of towel and microfiber, too. Regular towel use only makes hair frizzier and causes breakage. Soak up the hair moisture with an absorbent towel. Remove an excess amount of water. Put your hair in different sections. Squeeze it more for several seconds. Continue on the next portion of the head. Go to your hair and then, blot it again.

Make use of a different part of the towel when you dry another section. This makes sure water is not placed back onto the hair. Nonetheless, do not rub the hair too much or it damages the cuticle more. Use a pillowcase, soft and cotton shirt, and towel. The cotton absorbs the moisture while it protects the hair. Try to blot it with paper towels. You will use more if there is thick and long hair that reduces frizz.


#5. Focusing on the hair roots

Concentrate more on the roots while you dry your hair. It is the end part of the hair that dries a lot faster than the roots. Remove the excess amount of water to dry the hair up a lot faster. Blot or squeeze its roots several times. The smaller towel is great as it reaches down to the roots while a larger towel does not do the work.

Fluff your hair roots continuously. Motion your head in an upside and downward position. Let your fingers run to the roots. Get more air flow of air to its deepest roots so that it dries up faster.


#6. Combing your hair using a wide-tooth type of comb

Never use a brush on wet hair. Better yet, untangle the hair in the ends and work up to its roots. It keeps the frizz down while it reduces further damage to the wet hair. Allow your fingers to divide the strands of your hair. Or if you want, just shake your hair while the strands become free.

Add some products as part of hair care before or after combing it. Make use of products to solve hair problems. Style it after it gets dry. Try to use an anti-frizz serum, curling lotion, & sea-salt type of spray. Do not touch your hair with your hands as it only frizzes it.


#7. Letting the hair complete its air drying

Allow your hair to air dry after you blot the water and then loosen all the strands. It will take time to dry it completely. It varies around the thickness of the hair, and the amount of water to be removed. That also includes the weather conditions around. Then, flip your hair upside and down for several minutes if it still takes longer hours to dry. T

his allows air to go through the surfaces of the hair. Thus, it allows drying the hair a lot faster. One more alternative is to comb your hair and run your fingers. Do this every ten to fifteen minutes.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you learn how to dry hair without hairdryer with the following steps mentioned. Be very careful as you do so and think of each step carefully. It is better to dry your hair without using the hairdryer. It’s all worth it since you don’t need to spend money. Thanks for stopping by!

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