How To Dry Firewood Fast? In 4 Awesome Steps

Do you want to know how to dry firewood fast? In just a few steps, you can! And they are easy to execute; so, there’s no need for you to worry about that. You will know as you delve into the article further.

Without a doubt, wet firewood will never burn. Try it for yourself. Correct me if I’m wrong. LOLs.

how to dry firewood fast

Why do you have to dry it?

Firewood, especially one which is newly cut, should be dry enough so that it will burn efficiently.

Indeed, it’s very useful in numerous circumstances, whether you’ll be using it to heat your home or just to make you stay warm during a tent event.

Perhaps, the best tools in drying firewood are the sun and wind.

But you have to know the following techniques:


Steps In Drying Firewood Fast

You definitely need seasoned firewood so it will burn effectively.

And it means that the firewood should have less moisture in it.

Usually, it should be 20 percent or less; otherwise, it won’t burn (or in case it will, the energy will be used not to produce heat but to dry it out).

To avoid this, you need to know the steps on how to dry firewood fast.


Step #1. Cutting the woods

Use a bucksaw, machete, or chainsaw to remove the branches from trees.

Now that you have the woodcut it into lengths you desire (preferably, it should fit your fireplace or woodstove).

Once you split the wood, make sure that you stack it in a way that air is allowed to circulate between them.

Make sure that you do not put the cut wood into the ground.

Place a layer below using pallets, platforms, or lumber.

If you still have that uncut wood, store them (a few weeks) on the uncut side before you should spit them.

Take note of this:

If the wood is very dense, it will be quick for you to split them even if it’s winter.

Why so?

The moisture found in the wood is already frozen.

Also, whole rounds are usually slower to dry compared to split wood.


Step #2. Leaving the wood uncovered

As I mentioned earlier, the quickest way to dry the wood is through the sun and wind.

That’s why you can leave them uncovered, so the sun and wind will do the work.

Of course, you have to make sure that it’s sunny or windy.

Otherwise, if it’s snowy or rainy, you really have to ensure that the stack’s top is covered.

You can use plastic sheeting, tar paper, or tarp to keep the snow and rain away from the wood.

Also, it avoids the dew from condensing on the wood.

I suggest you opt for the plastic cover; it’s the most impermeable barrier; at the same time, it can avoid condensation.

Tar paper is also useful when it comes to dry snow and light rain. For sure, the moisture won’t penetrate the wood; plus, it allows air circulation.

It all depends upon your preference, anyway.

But, whenever it’s windy or sunny, make sure to remove the coverings so the wet or green wood will dry out fast.


Step #3. Placing the firewood indoors

If you already need the firewood, you have to bring the wood indoors.

Make sure that you do this process a day or two before you will be using it.

Then again, try to spread the wood out to allow air circulation in all wood parts.

If it’s covered with ice or snow, mop the melted ones after half an hour (or after 15 minutes).

If you have no choice, you can dry it out by burning it; use dry wood or kindling to start the fire.

In order for the wood to burn and avoid it to smolder, you need to adjust the damper from time to time.


Step #4. Look for firewood immediately

If it’s cold, and you’re using a tent for your event, then you will need firewood to keep up the heat.

So, as soon as you get into the location, you need to find firewood ASAP.

Then, just like the process above, stack them under the tree. Make sure that they’re not placed on the ground. Otherwise, it will be prone to moisture.

If possible, try to cover the wood (you have several options mentioned above). If there are pine boughs, use it!

In case you already have a fireplace, you can place the wet wood near it so that it will be easier to fry it.



There are many ways on how to dry firewood fast; the steps are as easy as 1-2-3.

After you cut the wood, stack them in place (not directly on the ground).

Allow the air to circulate so it will dry fast.

Also, make sure that the wood is not entirely covered when it’s sunny or windy; let it dry naturally.

Of course, if it’s rainy or snowy, you must cover the wood; a plastic covering is recommended.

If you decide to use the wood, then bring them inside 1 to 2 days before you will do so.

With these easy steps, I’m sure you can fire the place efficiently.

Have a great tent event!

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