How To Dry A Memory Foam Mattress? 4 Easy Methods!

Washing a mattress can be challenging, so is the drying process, but I am confident most of you know how to dry a memory foam mattress. If you don’t, then this article is for you.

I usually take out my mattress and leave it outside on a hot day because the heat kills the bacteria and removes terrible odor making my bed fresh without putting any effort into washing.

However, there are instances when you can’t avoid accidents happening like spilling on your bed.

And that is the time you have to wash and dry your wet mattress.

And knowing that memory foam would seep in the liquid will surely be a tough job.

However, the drying process would be easy, but it would take a while.

Nevertheless, keep on reading to know more.


Ideal Mattress For You: Memory Foam Mattress

We all need support in life to comfort us and motivate us to keep on fighting. But such strong support is what we also need when we sleep.

That’s why memory foam has become popular, from shoes to our beds, because of the comfort it provides us.

I have back pain issues, and sleep is the only thing that eases it.

That’s why I always long for a bed with a soft feeling without failing to support my back when I sleep. That’s why memory foam is the best option.

However, such material is prone to tear and wear if not taken care of properly.

Yet, we can’t just keep or beds to get wet, especially if there are dogs or children around who would usually pee on the mattress.

So, knowing how to clean and dry your memory foam bed without ruining its quality will help a lot.


Methods To Dry A Memory Foam Mattress

You might think of memory foam as a sponge since it absorbs liquid, but actually, they’re not the same.

This type of mattress can’t soak up fluid due to its porous material.

However, if a memory foam gets wet, the liquid would go through the foam and stays there.

And this moisture is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, molds, and mildew.

You don’t want to sleep on a smelly, uncomfortable, and dirty mattress, would you? That’s why you have to wash it and make sure that it is dry, so no water is left inside.

How to dry a memory foam mattress?

So, here are the methods you should know to dry your wet mattress:


Method #1. Use tissue paper or a washcloth to absorb the moisture

A small spill doesn’t need any washing because tissue paper or washcloth alone is enough to do the job.

Get a clean and absorbing pad or cloth and blot up the memory foam.

Apply pressure until you force out all the moisture to come out of the mattress.

Once you are done, use a hairdryer to dry the mattress for at least 15-20 minutes.

I suggest you hold the hairdryer 3-4 inches away from your bed so the heat won’t damage the foam.

Let your mattress cool down for an hour, and you can enjoy your slumber again.

Method #2. Use kitty litter

If you are a cat-owner, this method will come in handy for you.

Use your cat’s clean kitty litter to force out the moisture from your bed.

Since it is made of absorbent material, you won’t have a hard time getting rid of moisture.

Also, you want to use a cloth when pushing the litter on the bed to keep your hands from getting poke.

Keep on doing the method until all the moisture is taken out. Use the blow dryer to make sure that no water is left behind.


Method #3. Take out the foam on a sunny day

An easy method I recommend but only for those who are blessed with good weather.

Take out your memory foam on the sun and let the summer heat dry up all the moisture from your bed.

Moreover, you want to flip the mattress to make sure that both sides are dried thoroughly.

Leave your bed outside until you are satisfied and know that it’s ready to give you the excellent night’s rest you need.


Method #4. Use vinegar to get rid of the smell

Admit it, we all wet our beds when we are kids, and I am also guilty of that.

And for sure, our mom would get mad but still cleans and dries the bed for us to use again.

It might be a meaningful memory, but the smell isn’t worth remembering.

If your kid or pet pee on your bed, you want to dry the bed immediately, or else the smell will get worse, and bacteria will flourish.

So, blot the wet area with a cloth or tissue paper and press down until the fluid comes out.

And to remove the foul smell, use vinegar, spray it on the wet stain, and scrub it with a toothbrush. Leave it for 10 minutes.

I suggest you sprinkle the baking soda on the vinegar to create a clump that is easy for you to clean up later.



You must know that drying a memory foam mattress will save you from discomfort and possible diseases.

That’s why you want to keep moisture away from your bed.

However, let me remind you that every time you dry your bed, make sure that you don’t damage the mattress.

Nevertheless, thank you for reading “How to dry a memory foam mattress?” I hope this helps!