How To Drape Curtains? In 3 Awesome Ways!

How to drape curtains? In three easy ways, you can! Don’t worry; all of these steps can be executed with ease. Just read further, okay?

When you want your curtains to look even more presentable, you can note these things.

How to drape curtains

Are you even familiar with what a drape is? It is like a curtain, but it has a heavy type of fabric.

These two are often mistaken to be the same, but they are not. Curtains and drapes might have the same features, but the drape is far different.

Drapes are usually long and made to be touching the floor. It is often solid and pleated on top.

It is usually used in bedrooms because of its design and materials. Famous for blackout styles.

Since it is good to keep the bedroom dark suitable for a long night’s sleep, this is also good to trap the sunlight.

But then how do you drape curtains?


Ways To Drape Curtains

There are a lot of ways to how you can drape your curtains. Don’t worry because I have here some of it.

I will share it with you in a while. We will be trying out three ways of draping your curtains.

Just be sure that you stay until the end of this article to behave the options on how you should drape your curtains.

So, here are the ways on how to drape curtains:


Option #1. Draping your scarves

This option is for you to drape scarves on some rod. It is a bit common and also easier for you to do.

All you have to do in this is to measure your window, length, and width to correct it.

Then start doubling the measurements. You should add up the measures to determine the length of fabric to purchase.

And it will also help you determine if how long is the fabric you will need for the scarf.

Then you will have to hook the scarf on both sides of your rod.

Make sure that you will see you shaped in the middle of the frame.

Be sure that the fabric is equally distributed on both sides, and it flows down equally and free.

And then all you have to do is to loop the scarf shaping U earlier to be even more presentable.

Hook up the sides and make sure to see a balance on both sides of the window frame.

You’ll have this wavy effect on your drape in the middle, making it even more sophisticated and majestic.


Option #2. Scarfs and hooks

This next option is to use hooks when you are making a drape on your curtain.

Just hooks and no rods needed.

The first thing to do is get three hooks and prepare to drill one wall to measure it correctly.

It is up to you if you want it to be an inch wider or 3 inches wider than the window frame.

Make sure it’s equal on both sides and find the middle of the frame and drill one on it to make it even.

Just make the exact measurements as stated in the first option and make sure that you double the measurements.

Right after that, you can get your fabric and have it sewed. And then, using the hooks, you can create a good design.

Your drape will be divided into two, making two U shapes designs or scallops on top of the frame.

Use the outer hooks to rest your fabric in later. That way, it can go all through down the sides of the frame.

Just make sure that you have it balanced and equal length on both sides to look odd.


Option #3. Adding something fancy

This one is any of the two options I first gave you, but it has something extra on it, which makes it unique.

You can add casual layers of fabric to your drapes to make them even more artistic.

Also, add a tie or fold your scarf with something that looks cute. There are a lot of tie examples and ideas you can seek.

Then you might want to do some experiments in your patterns or the colors of the draperies you are planning to put up.

Just make sure that it is in sync with your room’s overall motif or the area where you’ll put it in.

You can use contrasting or complementary colors on your drapes and scarves.

An example is a gold drape, and a hint of dark scarf along the sides would look like a royal setup.

Dark purple or blue will be a good one for a gold drape and have that touch of gold rope ties along with the scarf.

That would act as a highlight to make the look balance all along with the window frames.

Do you want to know more? Check out blogs such as this, and research well to have enough knowledge about a thing.



It is essential to know and know things you aren’t sure of; that is way better than not having any idea.

Good thing we answered, “How to drape curtains?” at least you have added something to your stock knowledge.

Always think before you pursue something and make it one of the easy things you can do.