How To Drain RV Heaters? 3 Easy Steps!

You’ll have to understand how to drain RV heaters if you’re winterizing them, diagnosing a problem, or storing it for a long time. It’s fantastic to have an RV (recreational vehicle).

With its assistance, you may travel whenever you want, and this mobile home lets you go anywhere you desire- the distance you travel is only limited by your spare time.

how to drain RV heaters

Draining the hot water system in an RV properly is essential to keep the water from becoming stagnant and perhaps cold in the cold season, increasing the heater’s life. In order to help you drain your RV’s water heater, we created a brief step-by-step instruction. Furthermore, here are a few helpful hints to avoid destroying the water heater during the procedure! So without further ado, let’s get started! 


Why Do You Need To Drain The RV Heater? 

There are various reasons why you might wish to drain the water heater in your RV. For instance, you may have to perform this to winterize your recreational RV or solve a water system problem swiftly. For example, when storing your RV for an extended amount of time and if you do not intend to operate it throughout the cold season, you may also have to empty the water heater.


Steps To Drain RV Heaters

How do I drain my RV’s water heater? That’s an excellent question because knowing how to empty the water heaters properly and the hot water tank will keep the water from becoming stagnant and perhaps freezing throughout the cold season. Consequently, the life of your RV’s water heater will be significantly extended! As a result, we’ve put up a step-by-step guide if you want to understand how to drain RV heaters, but before this, you must do these safety measures. Let’s get started!

Switch off the propane gas to the water heater in your RV first. Make sure the electricity is turned off in your recreational vehicle if it has one. Before emptying the hot water system and the overall system, you should consistently execute this procedure. The water supply to the trailer must now be disconnected. Shutting off your water pump will also be part of it. The water pressure must also be released. Switching on the cold and hot water taps is a simple way.


Step #1. Remove the drain plug

The water heater is typically found in the outer compartment of an RV. The water heater’s drain plug is always at the lower-left corner of the room. Disconnect the Drain Plug. Depending on the hot water system, you’ll have to pull the plug differently. A 1/2′′ nylon drain stopper that can be detached with a screwdriver is standard on Dometic RV heaters. It’s simple to round or cut off the edges while disconnecting the plug. Have a second drain plug available in case something goes wrong when you’re on the highway.


Step #2. Open the pressure relief valve

After removing the plug,  the water in your RV heater begins to drain; the pressure relief valve on the top of the device can be opened to assist in the draining process. You’ve effectively emptied your water tank after the water no longer flows out of the drain hole. Ensure that your water heater tank’s drain plug must be slightly higher than that of the tank’s bottom, allowing minerals and silt to build and block it. As a result, we advise cleansing your water heater tank at least once or twice a year. You may also be interested to know about the safety valve vs relief valve.


Step #3. Clean your RV heater

We’d want to emphasize that this is a purely optional step. However, if you choose to opt to incorporate it within the heater draining technique, here’s what you’ll need to accomplish. Switch on the water in your RV’s water heater rinser by connecting it to a hose. Put the gadget into the water heater drain and open the valve on the tool to flush out all of the dirt from the water tank. Continue draining for a few minutes until the water is clean and fresh. As you’ll see, emptying your RV’s water heater isn’t particularly difficult. Even if this is your first time draining the water system of the recreational vehicle, if you follow the supplied directions carefully, you should be prepared to do it manually without assistance.


How Often Do You Drain The RV Heater? 

If you have not drained your RV heater for an incredible duration, the water may get stale or polluted, resulting in an unpleasant sulfur odor and potentially harmful if drunk! Therefore, you must repair your RV water heater regularly and drain it according to the manufacturer’s instructions: Whenever putting the RV for the cold season, even when there is a chance of freezing at periodic intervals, drain it at a minimum once every year.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope this guide has answered how to drain RV heaters and why you need to drain them. By understanding all these steps carefully, you’ll be able to drain the heater yourself without hiring a plumber. But before doing this, don,t forget the pretentious measures. Don’t hesitate to know these things too; read about what kind of heater do i have and what is a ceramic heater. Thank you, friends, for being with us at the end!

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