How To Drain A Waterbed? 14 Easy Steps!

How to drain a waterbed?

There are several steps you need to learn and remember when draining a waterbed.

how to drain a waterbed

In this article, you will know all of that.

A waterbed is a typical type of mattress that you can easily clean up and fix.

However, it takes many processes as you need to drain it to ensure it is clean.

Moreover, you cannot move it, just like how you move your wooden and steel beds since it’s filled with water.

Having a waterbed in your home is fun, but draining the water inside it is the opposite way around.

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Things You Need To Prepare

There are things you need to prepare and ready before doing the draining process.

Here are some essential items you may use:

  • Hose
  • Towels and cloths
  • Extension of hose

Without these things, you’ll not be able to act successfully.


Steps To Drain A Waterbed

Here are the steps on how to drain a waterbed:


Step #1. Clean up your bed

Remove all the bedsheets, pillows, and blankets on your waterbed.

Move those things at the side away from your waterbed.

And take out the mattress from its bed frame.

Stripping it will remove unnecessary items that may slow your work.


Step #2. Put towels or cloths around your waterbed

After removing things from your bed, you must place towels around it.

Towels will absorb the water from your waterbed if ever it spills.

This step will help you prevent getting into a watery mess.


Step #3. Unplug your waterbed

Unplug any present plugs in your waterbed.

Make sure that the waterbed is off and may not produce electric damage.

If you tend to forget this step, you will be in danger for sure.

Always remember that safety is your number one priority.


Step #4. Remove the cap of the valve

Valve is the way to fill and drain water inside your waterbed.

It is usually located at the foot of the bed.


Step #5. Check if there is extra air inside the valve

Make sure to empty and push out all excess air inside your waterbed.

This air may provide additional hassle and complication during the process of draining.

Moreover, it will run slower your work.


Step #6. Close the valve

Put back the valve’s cap to avoid spilling water as you prepare your hose in the next step.


Step #7. Prepare your hose

Get your garden hose and lay it nearby the valve.

Make sure that the other end of the hose is outside of your home to avoid flooding.

Moreover, ensure that the hose is lower than the water bed, as draining will not occur if it is located in a higher position.

However, if there is no hose available in your household, you can drain your waterbed in a tub.

Unfortunately, it will be a more complicated process.


Step #8. Get a bucket and place the hose inside

Prepare a bucket near your valve.

That will catch all the water spilled during the draining.


Step #9. Please turn on the garden hose by connecting it to the outside spigot

Allow the hose to run until a steady stream of water runs to the bucket beside the bed.

Next, you will remove any excess air in the hose by running water through it.

Again, this step will be beneficial.


Step #10. Connect the hose, adapter, and valve

Remove the cap and connect the hose, waterbed adapter, and valve.

Make sure that those things are tightly secure to avoid troubles.


Step #11. Remove the garden hose from the outside spigot

Water will start to flow out from the waterbeds, into the hose, to the lawn after releasing the hose from the faucet.


Step #12. Ready and connect your siphon pump

This step is optional.

If you have a siphon pump available at home, you may use it to speed up the draining process.


Step #13. Put heavy and massive items around the valve

With this, you will be able to lower the part of the valve. It will aid you.


Step #14. Roll the mattress and carry it outside

Roll the mattress towards the waterbed’s valve.

Make sure to insert force so that water will quickly come out.

After that, carry your waterbed and put it outside your home.

It is better than it is located under the sun to drain water left inside it.

After doing all these steps, you’ll be able to drain your waterbed successfully!


Other Alternatives You May Use

If you don’t have enough materials to help you drain your waterbed, you must call and ask for help from waterbed removal services.

First, however, you must prepare to pay all the charges and possible fees.

Using this method will help you relax as you don’t need to get tired of draining your waterbed.



That is how to drain a waterbed, which takes a lot of time and process.

You need to learn and remember several steps.

Also, you need to prepare materials so that the draining will be possible.

Before you buy a waterbed, make sure that you are ready and willing to clean up the mess at the end.

Waterbeds are fun and straightforward until you reach to clean them at the end.

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