How To Drain A Maytag Washer? 5 Amazing Steps!

Are you wondering about how to drain a Maytag washer? Well, wonder no more. While a pool of water and soaked garments are apparent indicators of a drain problem, the reason isn’t often so apparent. Does your Maytag front-load washer not drain properly?

A blocked drain line might prevent water from running, resulting in washer backups. 

A simple modification to your loading methods or cycle selection can sometimes solve the problem. In such cases, only a skilled fix will suffice. We’ll go through how to troubleshoot a Maytag washer that won’t drain and how to fix it. My friends, if you are interested in this article, just continue reading at the end!


Steps To Drain A Maytag Washer

Here in this paragraph, you will learn how to drain a Maytag washer? There are many causes due to which washer is not draining efficiently. We have mentioned the reason and its solution also due to which your washer won’t drain properly. The reasons are listed below:


Step #1. Unplug the washer

First, disconnect your washer from the outlet. Now with the washer moved forward, this will be a lot simpler. Repairing a machine that still is connected is really not a good idea. Electroshock is avoided by turning off the electricity. Twist the two water faucets in the ceiling behind and still adjacent to your washing machine shut. This will turn the water off, then no more water from the top will contaminate your clogged washer. The incredible thing is that the pipe water hoses do not need to be disconnected. You may also be interested to know how do I reset my Maytag washer.


Step #2. Clear the water

You’ll have to drain the washing if it’s full of water which is not draining. To drain the water from your washer, use a container, cups, or Tupperware. Remove any damp clothing and wipe the floor with cloths. The remainder of your fix will be considerably smoother and quicker as a result of this. Your washer’s drainage pipe is most likely pointing to a drip pan or a ceiling drain. Disconnect it from its customary location and direct it lower into a container. If there is any water within the washer’s overflow tube, just let it drain entirely. Put a hose clip over the end of the drain hose once it has completely emptied. It will keep any water you discharge during the unclogging process from spilling into your laundry room.


Step #3. Remove the front panel

The following step is unique; you would have never thought about it before. Put two empty cans below the front feet of your washer, one below each forward foot. If the drain has been behind the rear panel, but you’re not repairing a Maytag washer, turn it around and look up the directions to remove that panel alternatively. This may necessitate the assistance of a buddy. A front panel is held in place by two fixed screws towards the base. Unplug with your wrench and lay them away in a safe place from which you can reaccess them. Push the front panel’s lower edge towards you. It will remain affixed from the top of the washer. It may be helpful to know how to open a washing machine’s casing.


Step #4. Start clog nut

The drainage pump, inner drain pipe, and the base of the washing bucket must now be visible. Now is the moment to get on the lookout at the clog. Begin by inspecting the drain pumping mechanism, which is frequently transparent. You may be able to watch what’s within. Remove the drainage hose and prepare a cloth to collect any water. The drain pipe should then be clamped for the time being.

You’ll have to disconnect the belts first from the drain motor beneath if anything is stuck in the drainage pump. Hold the obstructing object and spin the shaft to release this from the drain system using your syringe pliers. Remove the blocking thing out from the drain hose’s connection just at the head of the motor.


Step #5. Check the internal drain hose

If the blockage was not in the motor, it’s most likely inside the interior drain hose. Unclamp the pipes line (have a towel handy) and look much further as you’ll see or go with your fingers through into the hose. Take everything out if there is anything in there. It could help to shake the drain pipe to dislodge anything stuck within.

If the washer is not draining, the blockage isn’t on the draining hose’s pump end, and it is not draining; it could be on the tub side. Remove the other end of the inner drain pipe and prepare a rag to collect any water that may fall. Inspect the sides of the drain pipe as well as the hole in which the drain line was detached. You must be able to locate the little clogging art at many of these locations. Know how to clean washer drain hoses


Step #6. Test the washer

Test your Maytag washer to see the result of the above steps, run a modest or maybe even an unfilled load of clothes. Pat oneself on the shoulder if the washer will not spill or overflow, and the washer drum drain appropriately as it should.


It’s A Wrap!

Thank you, friends, for reading this article at the end. We were very excited to know that you all will learn about how to drain a Maytag washer. So, if your washer does not drains is not draining correctly, don’t worry. Just follow these five unique steps and enjoy your washing.

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