How To Do Wedding Eye Makeup In 3 Steps

Those who want to know how to do wedding eye makeup can consider these three easy steps for beginners. We will help you make the eye look better, and this eye makeup tutorial is suitable for brides and female guests. 

You can also continue reading below to know how to achieve a flawless and natural eye look. And if you have no particular style or technique, you can check our discussion on how to choose your wedding makeup look.

how to do wedding eye makeup


How To Do Wedding Eye Makeup For Beginners


Step 1. Prepare the eyelids with eye shadow

  • Make sure that whatever products you’ll use on your eyes, you’ve tested them before to ensure that there are no skin reactions or allergies that may occur; eye makeup should be safe as you’re using them near the eye area
  • Check different wedding makeup tips specific to your eye shape so you can adjust the techniques that will flatter your eyes best
  • If you’re the bride, you can check makeup inspirations from other women to have an idea of the color palette you’ll use; be inspired by your wedding dress and wedding theme as well
  • A basic tutorial for those who have no experience with eye shadow and how to do eye makeup is to take a bit of foundation or primer and apply it on both lids
  • Set the cream with a bit of loose powder and then start with a base eye shadow color all over the eye; cover the lash line to your brow with a flat shadow brush and something light-colored 


Step 2. Add definition to make the eyes look better

  • When selecting the colors to blend and combine, keep in mind that your wedding makeup should suit the time, theme, and formality of the wedding; bridal makeup can be intense and very glamorous, while wedding guests should opt for something subtle to avoid looking like they’re trying to upstage the bride
  • After the base shade, select a color from the eye shadow palette that’s darker than it and pack it on the crease of the lid; blend this color so that the darkest shade is at end of your eyes and it goes lighter when going close to your nose 
  • Brides or guests with hooded eyelids can conceal the excess skin by adding more color when blending; on the other hand, brides with deep-set eyes or small eyes should avoid packing too much color on the lids as it will make their eyes look even smaller
  • Finish the eye shadow look with something shimmery or light on the center of the lids, typically above the center of the eye, then blend everything; add more of the shimmery shade on the brow bone and another end of the eye near the nose
  • Repeat on the other eye; work with minimal pigment to make it easier to correct; make sure to tap the brush when you dip it in the eye shadow pan to prevent fall out


Step 3. Do the lash and eyebrow makeup to finish the wedding look

  • To finish the wedding makeup look on your eyes, you will line the top lids; you can also use white eyeliner on the bottom lash line to make your eyes look more awake
  • Take false eyelashes, or you can curl your lashes at their base and squeeze for a few seconds; use waterproof mascara and eyeliner to avoid transfers throughout the day 
  • Comb your eyebrows and use brow mascara to make them look fuller; you can also lightly make hair-like strokes to fill the gaps
  • Feel free to adjust this basic makeup look accordingly; this is just a beginner tutorial to familiarize the bride or any female wedding guest with eye makeup
  • Search for gurus or ask an experienced friend for tips on working with the specific eye shape and eye color you have to know what will make your eye makeup look better
  • Some recommend doing the eye makeup first so you can sweep away any eye shadow that may fall out from the eyes to the face
  • You can also wear eye contacts to enhance your makeup further 


How Do You Do Natural Eye Makeup For A Wedding? 

  1. Make sure the area around your eyes is hydrated; use your favorite eye cream or moisturizer
  2. Prime the eyelids 
  3. Apply a bit of foundation and setting powder to even out the color of the lids with the rest of the face
  4. Add a bit of concealer underneath the eyes, but do not use too much as it may crease; set with a bit of loose powder
  5. For a natural look, you can contour the eye sockets and underneath the eyes with your favorite contour or bronzing shade; alternatively, light pink eyeshadow will also look nice for a natural eye makeup
  6. Add a bit of shimmer in the center of the lid
  7. Make a subtle cat eyeliner or line the eyes with light brown eyeliner 
  8. Use natural-looking lashes 
  9. Use brow soap to shape the brows

If you want a professional for your bridal makeup, read how to find a makeup artist for the wedding



And that’s it! You just learned how to do wedding eye makeup with the basics. 

You’ll prime the eyes, use a base color, define the eye shape with a darker shade, and do your brow and lash makeup. We hope this guide was helpful; let us know below if you have any questions. 

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