How To Do Makeup For Wedding Party In 4 Steps

You can learn how to do makeup for wedding party in four easy steps. What’s fantastic with this wedding party makeup tutorial is you can make it as grand or subtle, depending on the wedding theme. 

We even included the etiquette regarding what makeup to apply if you’re a wedding guest. And for those who want a specific way to do the eyes, you can check how to do wedding eye makeup

how to do makeup for wedding party


How To Do Makeup For Wedding Party At Home


Step 1. Prepare your base makeup

  • Weddings vary in season and venue, so it’s crucial to select makeup products that will stay nicely on the skin
  • For the base, you’ll start with the foundation; make sure that you can match the correct color for your bridal party
  • Blend the foundation evenly, and don’t forget to add the product to the neck
  • Use the correct color concealer to brighten the under-eye area and conceal any dark spots on the face of your wedding party; you may also need to use a color corrector before the concealer for better seamless coverage
  • Take and apply setting powder on the cream products you just used on your wedding makeup for the wedding party’s faces


Step 2. Make the wedding eye makeup

  • Determine if you’re doing the wedding party’s reception makeup or the makeup for the ceremony; the former can use darker eye makeup, while the ceremony reception that usually happens in the daytime is better with soft and more natural colors
  • It would be best to do the proper techniques according to the eye shape of each of your wedding party members; pastel colors, nudes, and pinks are flattering for the wedding party, or you can use the bridal color as inspiration when combining the eyeshadow colors
  • Start with a base and light shade all over the lids; you can also use this to contour the sockets
  • Add the transition color on the crease; this is a darker color, and you can focus on blending everything from the outer V as it lightens going inward
  • Apply a shimmery color on the lid to make the eyes look brighter; you can also use white eyeliner on the bottom lash line or opt for dark eyeliner to line the eyes for a subtle but flattering look
  • Apply false lashes and finish the eye makeup for your wedding party with brows; if you’re doing the makeup yourselves, consider asking this part to be done by each person themselves as they’re probably used to what technique works best for them


Step 3. Add dimension to your cheeks

  • The next part of the wedding party makeup is adding more dimensions to the face
  • Apply contour or bronzer to chisel the face; usually, they can be added underneath the cheekbones and also define the jaws
  • Be careful with the colors you’ll use for contouring as you don’t want the makeup to look muddy, especially with the venue lighting and in photos; take tips from makeup artists online on choosing the best shades for every skin tone
  • Add blusher on the cheeks; different face shapes will work with various placements of the blush, so familiarize yourself with what complements the face of the wedding party member best 
  • Add highlighter on the highest points of the face, but do not apply it on the areas that you don’t want to stand out, such as those with apparent pores; blend everything nicely and use the minimal product first, then slowly build them up


Step 4. Apply color to your lips

  • The final step of the wedding makeup for your wedding party is the lips; the wedding party members can also do their own lips if you’re all doing the makeup yourselves
  • Remember that there are different formalities for weddings, so select the right shade
  • You don’t want a shade that will make the bridal party members look like they’re the bride; opt for pinks and nude shades 
  • You can also play with lip liners and gloss to make the lip makeup look better for every person
  • For reception makeup, bold lip colors should be fine, even for the wedding party


How Do Guests Do Wedding Makeup?

Wedding guests typically do their own wedding makeup. This is why you must plan your schedule accordingly and be prepared on time. 

It would be best if you allocated the time in the morning to do your makeup, then travel to the venue for the ceremony. You don’t want to be late for doing your makeup. 

Furthermore, please be aware of the style of makeup you’re doing for the wedding. Consider the wedding’s formality, season, and theme to know what suitable makeup looks. 

But for those members of the wedding party, a common way to do your makeup is usually with the bride. The bridesmaids and the maid of honor typically have their hair, and the bride does makeup.


What Kind Of Makeup Do Wedding Guests Wear?

The guests and the party should wear their makeup according to the wedding’s time, formality, season, and theme. Similar to your wedding attire, it shouldn’t steal the attention away from the couple, and you should remain subtle with the colors and styles of the makeup look. 

To avoid looking bridal, read how to choose your wedding makeup look



And that’s it! You just learned how to do makeup for wedding party in four steps. 

Start with the base that suits the venue’s weather, eye makeup, facial contours, and lips. We hope this was helpful; let us know if you have any questions below. 

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