How To Do A Blanket Stitch On A Sewing Machine Easy

Try two steps if you want to learn how to do a blanket stitch on a sewing machine. This article will teach you how to set the device and sew a blanket stitch neatly, even as a beginner. We’ll even learn how to sew by hand in by the end of this read.

For additional helpful information, do you already know how does a sewing machine works? Understanding the mechanism of the machine will be advantageous when learning various stitches, so give that a read as well. 

how to do a blanket stitch on a sewing machine


How Do You Do A Blanket Stitch On A Sewing Machine Step By Step?


Step 1. Set up the machine

  • Study the manual of the specific unit you have and check if it’s capable of doing a blanket stitch
  • Thread the sewing machine accordingly
  • Find the blanket stitch setting on the model to turn it on
  • Place a piece of scrap fabric under the device for testing the blanket stitch
  • Move the needle above the spot on the material where you need to start

Step 2. Start sewing

  • Start sewing by pressing the machine paddle gently
  • Watch how the thread moves so that you can get comfortable with the speed during sewing
  • The sewing machine needle will make a J, and this is where you need to stop when turning the edge
  • Move the fabric accordingly and continue working
  • To stitch the corners with a blanket stitch, go to the last stitch from the bottom and have the needle diagonally to the corner
  • Return to the bottom and pull the thread at a 90-degree angle
  • Practice continuously so you’ll get comfortable with doing the blanket stitch 

Additional tips when making doing a blanket stitch on the sewing machine

  • Experiment with various thread types according to the project you’re doing with a blanket stitch
  • Always use the appropriate needle for the thread you’re using
  • A stabilizer can help support the stitches, especially when using blanket stitches for embroidery to prevent fabric puckering

What Is A Blanket Stitch On Sewing Machine?

A blanket stitch is a type of embroidery stitch usually done by hand, but some sewing machines nowadays also offer this stitch type. It is usually a decorative stitch that you can use alone or combine with other stitches to embellish fabric edges and projects like towels and blankets. Additionally, a blanket stitch can also be functional since you can join fabrics and appliques with it. 

How to change threads when doing a blanket stitch on a sewing machine?

Since the blanket stitch is more commonly used for decorating sewing projects, it would help you know how to change threads to make them more aesthetically pleasing. You can change threads in the machine by finishing a stitch row and knot stitch at the end of the thread. 

Then, simply add a new thread on the machine’s thread tray. You can now start sewing again, but make sure to work slowly so you can control your stitches easily. 


How to blanket stitch applique

Using the blanket stitch on the applique is both functional and decorative since it improves the applique edges while also keeping them from fraying. You only need to hide the knotted thread between the fabric layers then make the first stitch to hold the applique. You do this by creating a loop and pulling the needle through it; then, you can start sewing the blanket stitch while ensuring it remains within the applique edges.  


Do Sewing Machines Have A Blanket Stitch?

Sewing machines may have a blanket stitch, so make sure to read the manual if you want your unit to be capable of this decorative stitch. Some models even offer various blanket stitch options, but not all models may have this extensive selection. 


What Kind Of Thread Do You Use For Blanket Stitch?

The blanket stitch is versatile and can use different kinds of threads. You can use your typical sewing threads and experiment to find which will look best for your project. For decorative blanket stitches, try embroidery thread and needle, while opting for an all-purpose thread with the proper-sized needle if you’re doing a joining blanket stitch. 

Do you experience issues such as the sewing machine keeps bunching the thread? Read our solution for this problem and browse the blog for other thread-related fixes.  


How Do You Do A Blanket Stitch By Hand?

You can still do it by hand if your sewing machine doesn’t have a blanket stitch setting. Here is a simple tutorial for beginners:

  1. Thread the needle and push it from the bottom of the fabric going up
  2. Bring the needle back from the same hole and pull it but not completely
  3. Have the needle through the loop you made and straighten the thread tightly
  4. You just made your first blanket stitch, and then you can repeat the process according to the distance you want 


And that’s it! To recap how to do a blanket stitch on a sewing machine, all you need to do is set the machine and let the blanket stitch setting sew for you. It is a fast process since the device is already designed for doing this decorative stitch. 

We hope you also learned how to make a blanket stitch by hand. If you have more questions, leave us a comment. 

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