Simple Steps on How to Dissasemble Simlicity Bassinet for Washing

Simlicity bassinet is a multipurpose bassinet for every expectant parent. This bassinet has got all the features and comforts your little one wants. In this blog post, we will discuss how to disassemble simlicity bassinet for washing purposes.


how to disassemble simplicity bassinet

Steps on How to Dissasemble Simlicity Bassinet

Step 1. Remove the cover from your bassinet, then place it in a washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water. Wash and dry as usual.

Step 2. The mattress should be spot cleaned only. Take apart all plastic parts of your Graco pack n play before putting them into any other kind of washer or dryer for sanitizing purposes. It is not necessary to remove the fabric pieces from the frame but you can do this if you would like to make sure each piece gets really clean too!

Step 3. Only reassemble these pieces after they have been washed and dried thoroughly as well because leaving wet fabric sitting will cause mould growth which can be very dangerous for babies especially those under six months old who are more susceptible to respiratory infections caused by moulds.


Do not use bleach or fabric softener when washing and drying your pack n play parts. If you would like to do a more in depth cleaning of the whole Graco Pack N Play, follow these easy steps:

First take off all of the plastic pieces that are removable from your Graco Pack `N` Play such as bassinet railings, changing table attachments and so on.

As well as any toys that could potentially fall into babies mouths if left unattended near them for too long since even though they are made out of non-toxic plastics it will still be best to remove them before putting the rest through the wash because there is always a chance something could break off which can pose danger if swallowed by an infant under supervision.

Steps on how to make the Simmons kid’s bassinet rocker mobile

Step 1. First, you need to take the base of your mobile stand which should have three main pieces. Then screw on metal bracket using a wrench until it is tightly secured before bringing back together with two screws provided by instructions manual.

Step 2. Next, attach any desired mobiles and switch them on for the baby to enjoy while they rock! Lastly, make sure all screws are tightened as loose ones can cause safety hazards such as collapsing or falling over causing injury towards your little one.


What is a Removable Full-Size Bassinet?

A removable full-size bassinet allows parents to have their babies sleep in one place during naps without having to move them each time they wake up from sleeping.

This makes it easier for mothers who are recovering after giving birth as well as those who need some extra help with multi-tasking throughout their day.

It also gives babies more room at night when they want to stretch out instead of being confined within the small space that comes standard with the pack ‘n plays today.

Steps on How to Reupholster a Wickershay Bassinet

Step 1. Start by removing the entire wicker bassinet. This can be done by disassembling it piece by piece or simply cutting out the fabric with scissors to take all of them off in one swoop.

Step 2. Next, you need to cover the metal frame with batting which is a thick cotton material that will make your finished product more comfortable for the baby when he/she sleeps in it. You can get this at any craft store or even WalMart if you are on a tight budget and don’t want to order materials online because they cost just as much from home improvement stores anyway!

Step 3. Put batting overtop of each slat so there are no gaps between them before laying down your first layer of muslin cloth (or any cloth you want).

Step 4. Keep in mind that the muslin will shrink quite a bit after sewing so adds about an extra six inches on each side when cutting out your fabric.

You can always trim it later but once it’s sewn together, there is no going back! Then simply sew along all four sides and voila: removable bassinet mattress! Just like with any other piece of material (like curtains), I recommend ironing them before putting anything overtop because if not done properly, they won’t lay flat and look very sloppy.

How To Attach The Pack N’ Play Bassinet Mattress?

First, open up both sides of the Graco portacrib by pressing on one side then pulling outwards from each corner towards yourself until they snap into place.

Next, line up all four corners of your mattress with their corresponding holes in either side of the porta crib bottom panel and slide it under so that an even amount is sticking over each edge (there should be about two inches). Then press firmly around each hole until it pops in.

How do you release the top rails on a Graco Pack and Play?

Step One: To release the top rails you open the napper and remove it from its compartment.

Step Two: Remove both sides of the bassinet by lifting on one corner to detach each side from the other.

Step Three: Gently lift on both corners of your mattress and Napper to remove it from its compartment.

Step Four: Place the mattress on top of your changing table or dresser and re-zip both sides together before closing up your pack n play for storage.

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