How To Dispose Of Fridge Magnets? 3 Easy Ways To Do It!

Are you wondering how to dispose of fridge magnets? Commercially, fridge magnets are not recyclable. Meaning to say you can dispose of them along with other trash in your house.

But bear in mind that even those small magnets can occupy landfill space. As such, ensure that it is the only left option before disposing of the magnets into the garbage.

how to dispose of fridge magnets

Aside from magnets disposal, there are other ways to get rid of any unwanted magnet that is cluttering your fridge. You may choose from the methods that you will provide us below. So, without further ado, let’s start!


Ways To Dispose Of Fridge Magnets

So, how to dispose of fridge magnets? Well, here are the ways on how you can dispose of the fridge magnets:


Way #1. Reuse

Just a bit of creativity can transform fridge magnets into something new. All you have to do is to cut out a picture and then paste it over those magnets. After this customization project, you could give it away as a gift.

Some would also use it in making their magnetic poetry by simply fridge covering the magnets with texts.


Way #2. Give it away

Someone else may still use the magnet for as long as it is still in good condition. You can hand it over to the preschool or daycare nearby as this can be used as alphabet magnets. Or you might find one to give to a neighbor or relative with kids. If you do not know anyone who might need this magnet, you may donate it to a thrift shop. This way, you can get rid of them without having to put them in the landfill.


Way #3. Repurposing

Those fridge magnets can have many alternative uses which can fit your needs. Rather than throwing the magnets away, you can turn them into something that you can make use of. Below are some repurposing ideas that you may try.


Option #1. Gifts

Making DIY crafts out of magnets can be a thoughtful gift. After you repurpose those fridge magnets, you can give them away as a present. Magnetic photos are perfect for holiday cards. You may also glue a cute photo onto the fridge magnet to make a bookmark and give it to your booklover’s friends.


Option #2. Organize

A fridge magnet can be an excellent organizational tool for any use. For example, you may use it in keeping track of your paper clips in your office. This can also be useful for your toolbox by utilizing it to prevent screws and nails from being lost.

Magnets can also be an effective pin cushion that is essential in a sewing kit.


Option #3. Pictures

You can give a makeover to those old and ugly fridge magnets by simply gluing new photographs or pictures on them. For this, you might have the cut down the magnets to get the correct size.


Option #4. Business cards

If you are an owner of a small business, the fridge magnets can be useful in making your business cards by simply attaching them onto the magnets before you give them a way to your customers. This way, your contact information will always be readily available to them.

Option #5. Magnetic alphabet

You can also use fridge magnets in creating a DIY magnetic alphabet. In doing this, just cut out letters from magazines and base them onto the fridge magnets. You can also cut down those magnets into the shapes of the numbers and letters. Those methods can provide a cute craft that will allow you to leave notes on the fridge.



Question #1. How to safely dispose of magnets?

You must demagnetize a strong magnet thermally before disposing of it. As an alternative, you can also place it inside a steel container before disposal. Doing so will prevent the magnets from attracting other waste disposal equipment. Likewise, this will prevent it from refusing containers.


Question #2. Are magnets dangerous for the fridge?

No, it does not pose any harm to put some magnets onto the fridge. But ensure to use only those fridge magnets instead of electromagnet or neodymium ones considered strong magnets. Do not worry because magnets cannot damage the fridge. Likewise, it does not affect the functioning of your appliance.

Question #3. Where to put fridge magnets?

You can put those magnets on either of the fridge sides. Refrigerators are using various material that often comes in color black onto the side and most often than not, it is magnetic. Perhaps, one side of the fridge is showing in the kitchen; you can hang the fridge magnets on that side rather than onto the front.


Question #4. Can I throw away magnets?

Fridge magnets are not recyclable. So yes, you may throw them away along with any garbage. But if there are other things that you can do with it, then disposal should be the last option. That is because even the smallest magnet can occupy landfill space.



It’s A Wrap!

There are a lot of ways on how to dispose of fridge magnets. However, remember that it is a better option to repurpose them than throwing them away since no one will benefit from them; consider upcycling those fridge magnets using the options provided above or creating your own. Be creative!

For more articles regarding the disposal of fridges, click here on how to dispose a fridge. Finally, we hope that we answered your questions; thanks for reading!

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