How To Dispose Of Bed Bug Mattress In 4 Best Steps

We have four steps to teach for those who want to know how to dispose of bed bug mattress. Remember that mattress disposal itself requires certain specifications, so what more if the bed is infested with bed bugs? You don’t want to encourage reinfestation nor become a problem to your neighbors. 

You must know what can live in the bed and how to prevent them. Bed bugs should be relatively simple to eradicate as long as you find the issue the soonest. But if all the treatments failed, here is what you can do:

How To Dispose Of Bed Bug Mattress


How To Throw Out A Mattress With Bed Bugs?


Check-in with your area’s disposal services

The quickest and best way to dispose of a mattress is to check with your state or city’s garbage disposal services. Your local garbage collector might even have schedules and policies regarding mattress disposal or those infested with bed bugs. Assuming that you tried redeeming your mattress and hired a pest control service first, they might also have recommendations on how to throw it out or who can pick it off for proper disposal.



Once you have the go signal for throwing your mattress out, you should know how to pack your mattress and keep the bed bugs from becoming a problem to others. You also risk having the issue reoccur if you discard your bed without loading it properly. The last thing you want is to have the critters spread to the other areas of the house when you remove the mattress from the room.

Wrap your mattress with plastic while still inside the room and make another layer with shrink wrap and duct tape. Double-check throughout the mattress if you have sealed it well, as some bugs might fell off when you move the bed around the house. Once done, be mindful of how you hold and drag your bed around.



The disposal itself should be quick, so you don’t want to leave the infested bed on the curb for a long time. If this happens, some bugs might escape and cause infestation, making the problem much harder to eradicate. Your neighbors won’t also appreciate having a bed bug-infested item close to their homes. 

Set the mattress outside the same day it will get picked up to ensure that you’ll be saying goodbye to the bed bugs without a chance of reconciliation. Then, mark the bed to indicate that it is infested. This way, nobody will pick it up. 



Just because the mattress is out of sight doesn’t mean the issue is out of mind. You need to immediately address your room and disinfect it to eliminate any bugs that are still lingering. Vacuum the area thoroughly, ensuring that you reach into cracks and crevices where bed bugs might hide. 

You also want to wash everything washable in the room in hot water, such as carpets and even clothes inside your dresser. If you have other items like shoes, you also want to vacuum them out because they can contain eggs. Your pest control professional might even recommend treating the room if necessary.


Should You Throw Away Mattress Bed Bugs?

Finding bed bugs in your mattress is daunting, and the first thought that might come to mind is to throw it out immediately. However, you still want to check if the infestation is heavy or if you can still recover your bed. If you happen to address the issue soon, you might control and eradicate the critters. 

However, don’t be tempted to use insecticides without consulting a professional pest control operator. Bed bugs have developed resistance to some common treatments, and it’s best to have someone use the right equipment and techniques to kill them. You can also have a safer treatment plan if you hire someone trained for controlling pests. 


What Kills Bed Bugs Instantly?

You don’t have to wait for the professional before doing any action. What you can do is vacuum up the mattress and the whole room to dispose of the bugs. Be sure that you’re extra careful in handling the vacuum bag as you don’t want the bed bugs to scatter around the house. 

You can also place your beddings and other textiles in the room inside the dryer and let the heat kill the adults and eggs. Have the dryer run in the hottest cycle for half an hour, and then cover the mattress and box spring separately since you can’t place them in the dryer. This way, the remaining bugs won’t escape, and you can control the infestation much more comfortably. 


Can I Use A Hair Dryer To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

You can indeed use a hairdryer to get rid of bed bugs because you can have it target the crevices of the mattress and other potential hiding spots in the room. By blow-drying these spots at a low heat setting, you can force the bed bugs out and then trap them with packing tape. You can even use the blow dryer directly on the bugs for 30 seconds to kill them. 



Perhaps you can no longer eradicate the bed bugs on your mattress, and you have to throw it out. Don’t worry because learning how to dispose of bed bug mattress properly only includes four steps. First, consult the mattress disposal authority for your area before packing the bed and leaving it on the curb. 

You also want to cover the mattress right in the room to prevent bugs from scattering around the home. Once done, clean the room according to the recommendations of the pest control operator.