How To Dispose Of A Fridge? 6 Best Options To Consider!

A fridge is necessary nowadays to keep our food fresh, and when it’s time to change your unit, the question “How to dispose of a fridge” will bug you out. But don’t worry, friend, because we will provide you some options to help you out.

Now, most people throw their old appliances into the junkyard, and others would sell at a lower price.

How to dispose of a fridge

But throwing a refrigerator can be a handful since it’s a big appliance that can contribute to hazardous waste threatening our environment if not properly thrown away.

So, read on and learn how to dispose of your bulky appliance sustainably.


Options To Consider When Planning To Dispose of A Fridge

In this section, you’ll know the ways on how to dispose of a fridge. Regardless, here is a list of options on how to dispose of your fridge:


Option #1. Sell it to someone

If you are like me, I bet you don’t want just to throw something expensive that you have saved up for a while. So, it would be best to sell your refrigerator if it’s somehow usable.

When coming up with the price for your second-hand product, refer to what brand, the model, size, and from its original price. And make the price reasonable to its current condition.

This way, you can still earn from the invested product and not let it put down to waste. Moreover, at least someone would put it to good use, and another person can benefit from it.


Option #2. Sell it to an electric company

Some electric companies are willing to offer you a rebate if you wish to get rid of your old fridge. Set an appointment with an electric company that offers a buy-back program and let them pick up your old appliance from the comfort of your home.

And wait for them to send you your check. Or you can ask to lessen your electric bill instead, but it’s up to you.

However, most electric companies only accept refrigerators that still work, so if your unit is of no use at all, then this one is out of your option.


Option #3. Sell your discarded refrigerator to the scrapyard

If your refrigerator is an old model or does not work anymore, it would be best to sell it to a scrapyard. Although the amount you’d receive is not that much, at least you’ll know that they will reuse your unit in other ways.

Scrapyards would take out the usable metal parts in your fridge and use them for other purposes. However, you will have to take your appliance to the scrapyard yourself as it is heavy and seldom for them to make pickups. Just make sure that the scrapyard accepts refrigerators.


Option #4. Go to the nearest recycling center

I hope you remember your three Rs. That is to reuse, reduce, and recycle. And one of the best ways to dispose of your used appliances, especially the bulky ones like a refrigerator, is to recycle them.

But if you don’t have the luxury of time to do DIY projects, it would be best to go to your nearest recycling center. Then, you can assure that most of the appliance is used and all the contaminants are safely removed. Just contact your RAD recycling center for pick up or more details.


Option #5. Donate to charity

What is more rewarding than helping others in need? Donating your second-hand refrigerator may not mean a lot to you, but it’s a big help for them to the ones who will receive it.

Before you donate your appliance, make sure that it is still working and the people can still use it to store their food without any worries. Then, contact a non-profit organization or a shelter to benefit from it. Discuss with them beforehand the size and how much space your refrigerator unit occupies to prepare for it.


Option #6. Wait for a trash pickup for large appliances

Waste management companies have schedules for a bulky trash pickup, so if your city has that service existing, then look up when they usually do so.

If you don’t know if your city has this kind of service, you can search your city’s management website, or you can set up an appointment with them to pick up your refrigerator.

And if you can set up your appointment, take out your appliance three days before the pickup to be easy for the people assigned.

However, we do not recommend this option since letting your city handle such huge waste will only be left out to the landfill, contributing to waste. Serve this option as your last resort if none of the given recommendations is applicable.



And that is all for “How to dispose of a fridge.” I hope that you learned something from this topic we discuss. No matter what option you’d choose to get rid of your refrigerator, I hope that you’d consider its impact on the environment.

I suggest that you reuse your unit as much as you can, and if it’s possible, don’t ever let it go to the landfill. Regardless, before you dispose of your appliance, call a professional to take out the refrigerant and the compressor as it may be dangerous to just dispose of them. That is all.

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