How To Dispose Of A Bed? 4 Best Options! 

Is your bed old and soggy, and you might want to know more on “how to dispose of a bed?”

Do not worry because we got you. We are here today with you, and we will help you in finding out.

how to dispose of a bed

Dogs are not the only man’s best friend, beds too. Imagine when you are tired, you would always want to rest and sleep.

But then you cannot just sleep on beds that do not serve their purpose. So maybe there is a problem.

When your bed does not satisfy you anymore, maybe you need to dispose of it and buy a new one.

You can have so many options to make when you are disposing of your bed or where you should dispose of it.

Every option you make does have pros and cons, and we will further discuss that later on.


Ways To Dispose Of A Bed

When your bed is too old, soggy, and dirty, you need to change it too, but you should know how to dispose of it.

It is not easy to dispose of your bed, considering its size and material.

But it doesn’t mean you can’t dispose of it.

It would be best if you had a solid plan as to how you can dispose of this.

Therefore, we will give you ideas where you can choose.

There are so many ways to dispose of your non – functional bed.

So, how to dispose of a bed?

Here are some options for you to think about:


Option #1. Contact dump collector

The first option you have is asking for the dump collector in your area to pick it up.

It is not impossible as long as you ask for help from them. Then, the collector might consider your request.

Try your best not to sound demanding. Better avoid confusion and have a good relationship.

Why not just throw it on regular days? Maybe the truck that they brought could not cater the bed.

Considering its enormous size, it is not usual to throw your bed in the garbage to collect it.

You will need a good conversation with them to know when you can dispose of your bed.

They have several dump tracks, and maybe they can change it to their next pick-up if you inform them ahead of time.

Remember that you need to convince the dump collector to help you dispose of your bed, so approach nicely.


Option #2. Donate it

If you think your bed is still usable and can be refurbished, maybe you can do something about it.

There might be organizations for kids and older people where you can donate your bed.

They do need a lot of bed spaces there. Maybe you can try to make your bed more decent.

You cannot donate a bed that would look awful, so you need to make it somehow look presentable.

Ensure that the bed is clean before you donate it, at least that it is still usable.

If it is infested with bed bugs, it would be best to dispose of it. Here’s how.

Ensure to vacuum it and change the beddings before you place them in a plastic bag for travel.

You have to avoid getting it even more damaged by making sure it is protected and well wrapped.

Ensure that you inform the organization that the bed is used and might be damaged when you inquire.

In that case, they would not expect too much and prepare for refurbishing the bed.

Donating is a good thing to do, but you have to make sure that it has a good purpose when you are doing this.


Option #3. Ask the company to get it for you

The last option would be asking the company where you buy your new bed to get it for you.

Most companies allow this because they have facilities that can ruin and dispose of these beds properly.

You can go search for mattress recycling services that are happy to get your mattress with fewer fees!

Or they might know where to place the beds when they are no longer helpful. Big companies have big machines.

They can refurbish your bed and help you find good places and organizations where they can donate.

You will have fewer things to think about and also that you can guarantee that it can be reused or recycled.


Option #4. Make something out of it

When your bed gets soggy and is no longer usable as a bed, maybe you can improvise to make another thing.

You can cut it out into smaller pieces, and then you can form mini pillows that you can use.

It can be as decorations on your bed or couches.

What you need is a skill and some initiative when solving your problems.

Find innovative solutions and use resources that you have near you. We are sure that technology can help you.

Remember that recycling can help a lot with reducing our waste. So, as much as possible, opt for actions that could help our environment.

But if you don’t have time to do a DIY project, you can head on to your recycling centers and surrender your used mattresses.



My friends, this is all for our topic for today.

Hoping that you have enjoyed yourself with us.

It’s a good thing that you’ve known how to dispose of a bed.

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