2 Steps on How to Dismantle a Combi Stroller: A Tutorial

If you are the proud owner of a combi stroller, then this blog post will be of interest to you. Combi strollers are not always easy to dismantle and put back together again – in fact, it can be quite challenging!

This article will show how to dismantle a combi stroller into three parts: chassis, seat and wheels. You’ll also find out how to put them back together again!

How to Dismantle a Combi Stroller


Steps on Dismantling a Combi Stroller

The first step is to remove any accessories from the chassis before you start dismantling it; this could include anything that attaches underneath like the child tray for example.

Step 1. Pull off the hood cover and take out any items from underneath, like a child’s tray or shopping basket, before you start taking apart the chassis of your combi stroller.

Step 2. Next is to remove any remaining screws on the back wheel assembly; use a Phillips head screwdriver (or one that fits) if possible because it will make things much easier in this case.

Remove all four wheels by undoing their nuts with an adjustable wrench – as long as they are not fixed into place beforehand! Gently pull up on the sides of the seat until you can get behind it and feel how there is some slack between where it attaches onto either side of the chassis frame.


How to fold a combi double stroller

Most combi double strollers have a folding mechanism on one side of the frame and are operated by pressing the red button located near or at that end. Usually, this will require both hands to operate. Then pull up on the handlebar until it locks into place with some resistance (this shouldn’t be too hard if you’re doing it right).

Now remove any remaining screws on either side of how metal bars come together; use a Phillips head screwdriver as long as possible because they fit better in these cases!

You should now see slots where there is enough room for your fingers to slide in from either direction. Pull apart those two pieces of metal so that they can lay flat against each other like how leaves lie on a river’s surface.

Now you should be able to remove how handlebars and how rear wheels from how front wheel, which is now exposed completely!


Steps on cleaning a combi stroller

  • Rinse how wheels off with soap and water, or a special combi wheel cleaner.
  • Supply how handlebars with any remaining lubricant you have; if they are too tight, use how bike chain spray (if this is how only thing available).
  • Use an old toothbrush to get into those hard-to-reach places.
  • Dry handlebars and wheels with a towel, or leave them outside to dry in the sun.


How often should I wash my combi stroller?

You should try to hand wash your combi every two weeks if possible. If not, then make sure you at least wipe down any visible dirt or grime with mild soap and warm water as soon as possible after using it (or before storing).

One day’s difference can be significant when we’re talking about how much bacteria a combi stroller can accumulate.

We recommend using how mild soap and how warm water to wash your combi, as these are less aggressive than how many detergents that you would use for how dishes or how clothing. How usual method is to fill up a sink with enough soapy water to submerge how the entire frame of the stroller in it, then rinse off any residue with clear tap water before moving on.

If possible, make sure to dry every part separately after washing since just rinsing will leave some residual moisture behind which could cause mould growth; there’s nothing worse than waking up one morning and finding black spots growing everywhere!

You should also try not to put too much pressure against any fabric parts when cleaning.


What is a Combi stroller?

Combi strollers are a type of umbrella, lightweight and compact folding stroller that is designed to be both narrow enough to fit in the aisle on an aeroplane as well as sturdy and durable for use on rough terrain.

They can have either one or two seats (the double version has rear-facing seats) which face each other. The name Combi comes from how it’s able to function like “a combination of a carpool” because you’re not just carting around your child but also taking along another parent travelling with their kids who may need some space while yours gets theirs).


Types Of Combi Strollers:

Double-A combi double features two separate seating areas facing towards each other; when folded up they can be a little bulky.

Single-A combi single features one seating area that folds up to the side when not in use or facing outwards for use with only one child; it takes up less space and can open flat, so is preferred by some parents but may lack comfort compared to models which have two seats and an armrest between them.

Compact Double – This type of Combi has two separate seating areas (one on each end) as well as a hip seatbelt across the middle of both sections); these are great if you want your kids next to each other without being right beside each other, though they’re bulkier than traditional doubles because there’s no folding mechanism connecting either set of seats).


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