How To Disassemble Ashley Recliner Sofa Correctly

If you’re unsure how to disassemble Ashley recliner sofa, check this three-step guide. In addition, we included tips on how to make the process quicker and smoother. And if you plan on moving the recliner, look no further because this article has the proper techniques for it.

Since we’re on the topic of recliners, we recommend checking out this general guide on how to dismantle a sofa recliner. This tutorial should be applicable for models, and it’s always useful that you’re familiar with the standard method.


How To Take Apart An Ashley Recliner Sofa


Step 1. Study the mechanisms of the Ashley recliner sofa

  • Refer to the manual of the specific Ashley recliner sofa you have
  • Prepare and label several ziplock bags for organizing the small pieces during disassembly
  • If electric, unplug the Ashley recliner sofa to avoid fire and injury hazards
  • Recline the back and extend the footrest 

Step 2. Reveal the inner hardware of the sofa

  • Find the releasing mechanisms of the couch, usually underneath the seats or even in the back of the sofa itself
  • Some recliner sofas will require you to lift the fabric panel attached with Velcro to reveal the mechanisms
  • Tilt the recliner forward so you can check the mechanisms underneath
  • Prepare the proper tools for removing or adjusting the mechanisms for removal, which may include different types of wrenches and screwdrivers

Step 3. Remove each part accordingly

  • Remove the back of the Ashley recliner sofa using the lever hidden behind the furniture
  • Feel for the lever between the seams or remove the panel out of the way to access it easier
  • You may need to use a screwdriver to loosen the lever if it feels too tight to move
  • Do the same mechanism for the other parts of the recliner sofa 
  • Loosen the other components like the ottoman and footrest accordingly
  • Continue working on the removal of the other parts, including the base, arms, rails, and center console if your sofa has one
  • Don’t forget to document your complete deconstruction process to help you remember which parts and hardware pieces are for a specific section of the sofa


Do The Backs Come Off On Reclining Sofas?

Some recliner sofas do not allow the removal of their backrest. Therefore, you must always check this feature when buying one because removing the back will help you during transport and moving. Ashley Homestore offers different styles and kinds of reclining sofas, so you should easily find the most convenient model tailored to your needs. 

  1. Check the manual of your recliner and familiarize yourself with the attachments of the couch
  2. Tilt the furniture forward to access its underside and remove the back panel if it has one
  3. Locate the levers on each side or between the rear seams
  4. Loosen one lever at a time with a screwdriver to help you raise it smoothly
  5. Unlocking the levers will help you remove the backrest by simply lifting it off the recliner

Can You Take Apart A Recliner Couch?

You can take most recliner sofas apart, but some manufacturers might only allow partial disassembly. Perhaps you can only remove the back of the model you have, while some couches even enable the dismantling of cushions, armrests, and center consoles. The sofa manual should mention the instructions for removing its parts, or you can always tip the sofa to its back to assess the connections. 

You must know how to take apart a sofa for moving or travel to avoid accidentally damaging the furniture. It will also be easier to move through tight spaces if you detach even just the backrest. But if most parts are built-in, consider hiring movers to do the work. 

How Do You Move A Recliner By Yourself?

It’s possible to move a recliner by yourself using the same techniques for moving a sofa safely. This means you have to assess beforehand if you have enough space to walk through and your personal physical capacity to lift the heavy furniture. Learning how to disassemble the recliner sofa should also make the moving process easier and safer. 

  1. Measure the areas you’ll go through, such as the staircases and doorways
  2. Compare your recliner’s width through the measurements of your path obstacles to know if you need to dismantle it
  3. Prepare the route by ensuring that it’s free of items that can slip or trip you
  4. Get any protruding furniture items out of the way that can scratch or get scratched during moving
  5. Make use of moving blankets or furniture sliders to protect the recliner and other items during the move
  6. It’s better to have someone assist you when moving up or down the stairs because a dolly with the sofa alone can be dangerous
  7. Lift with your legs and not your back when placing the recliner couch onto the ramp of the moving vehicle



It’s not surprising if you’re one of those people who bought an Ashley recliner because their options are very diverse. However, you must know how to disassemble Ashley recliner sofa to help you in the future in case you want to change its placement or if you’re moving. The tutorial above is more in-depth, but the main gist is to turn the sofa forward and release the locking levers underneath.

It should also be easier if you refer to your model’s manual. Overall, taking apart a recliner sofa is relatively easy as long as you understand the mechanisms that hold the parts together. 


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