How to Disassemble a Reclining Loveseat

Do not concern yourself if you need to maneuver your hefty reclining loveseat through a small area. Most reclining loveseats, couches, and the like are simple to disassemble and travel. In this article, we are to tackle how to disassemble a reclining loveseat.


Many types include detachable seatbacks that are being held in place by locking mechanisms. You should be able to release the levers and remove the seats by lifting the back fabric panel or feeling in between the rear seats. 


Some variants additionally feature detachable bars fastened to the base, allowing for additional disassembly. Take photographs while you disassemble certain furniture, save your hardware in plastic bags, and identify the furniture’s dismantled components to make reassembling it easier.


There are many methods on how to disassemble a reclining loveseat, we will discuss this one by one. 


Method#1: Releasing Locking Levers


To begin, move the loveseat forward so that the back is facing straight up into the air. Many upholstered loveseats come with a removable back covering that you can lift to reveal the underlying structure. 


Locate and unfasten the velcro strips or snaps that hold the fabric to the frame’s base before lifting the upholstered panel. Look for the locking levers on the frames on either side of the loveseat’s seats. 


A metal lever pointing downward should be visible on each side of the main body of the loveseat, roughly where the top of the arm and back join. If your loveseat has a central console, look for levers on the frames between the seats.


Stick your hands into the back seams on the left and right sides of the loveseat if it does not have detachable fabric pieces that reveal the structure. Check for any seams between the center console and the seats. Within the seams, look for the locking lever that is pointing down.


To loosen and elevate each lever and remove the seatbacks, use a flat head screwdriver or, in a pinch, your fingertips. Return the loveseat to its regular position after freeing the levers, then carefully take the back out of its frame.


Lift each seat and console back out of its casing if your loveseat has a pair of seats separated by a center console.


Method#2: Removing Bolted Bars


Lift the loveseat on its front side and directly up to the ceiling its back facing. Look below the loveseat to see if the base bars are there. You should observe two or three bars twisted or fastened from one end to the other of the base of the loveseat if they are there.


Check the screw heads or bolts to secure the baselines. To untie every screw or bolt from the base bars, use a drill with the proper bit. You will likely need Robertson to drive bits since base bars with square Robertson screws are frequently fastened.


It is best to help someone remove the basic bars of a loveseat, particularly when you remove the last bar. The different chairs and consoles are readily separated when you unscrew the last bar. With someone who stabilizes the sofa, its components will assist prevent their roll-out, harm, or harm adjacent items.


Method#3: Making Reassembly Easier


Take images of the frame, base, and other essential parts when you first raise the loveseat’s back upholstery panel. That way, when it comes time to reassemble it, you’ll know what the loveseat should look like when it’s fully constructed.


If you are not confident in your mechanical talents, you could take photographs at each stage of disassembly to help in reassembly.


When removing screws or nuts, keep plastic bags or other small containers on hand. As soon as you remove your hardware, place it in a bag. Keep separate bags for each base bar’s hardware to make sorting through the screws, bolts, nuts, and washers easier.


Label the dismantled pieces, such as “left seatback” and “top base bar,” so you know where to replace them. Arrange the base’s components so that their backs face the ceiling. Locate the predrilled holes on the top base bar where you will install the screws or bolts.


Then align the bar with the corresponding holes on the loveseat’s base. Begin by reattaching the top bar’s center screws to the center portion of the loveseat, then work your way outward to reattach the bar to the base of each loveseat section. 


After fastening the top bar, screw the other pieces back together to rebuild the loveseat foundation.


When reassembled, the recliners do not recline anymore. What is wrong?


If your recliner would not recline after you reassembled it, there might be a problem with the cable. There should be a cable connected to the handle that allows your loveseat to recline. 


To resolve this issue, you must flip the chair over to discover the cable below. Hook it back into its slot once you’ve found it.




These are different methods on how to disassemble a reclining loveseat. Make sure to carefully follow the steps to avoid having difficulties or issues once you reassemble it together. Follow the tip on taking pictures. This is to guide you when reassembling and disassembling it again. 


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