How to Disassemble a Recliner: Step by Step Instructions

Recliners are a great way to relax and watch TV, but they can be difficult to get up from. When it’s time to move your recliner out of the living room and into storage, you’ll want step-by-step instructions on how to disassemble the pieces.

This blog post will give you all of the information that you need about how to disassemble a recliner with ease!

How to Disassemble a Recliner


Steps on Disassembling a Recliner

Some of these items include wrenches and screwdrivers – be sure to bring these with you.

Step 1. First, determine what type of recliner you have.

If it has a solid back and armrests with removable covers: You’ll need to remove the cover screws before removing the arms. Once they’re removed, lift on them until the legs come off. Lift out any stuffing that might be inside your chair’s frame.

If it has a removable back and armrests: Remove the cover screws from the arms, then remove them by lifting on them until they come off. The back should come out easily if you pull at its edges while simultaneously pulling up on it to release all of the fabric tabs that are holding it in place.

Step 2. Next, lift on the front of the seat to release it from its fabric tabs and springs. You might need a screwdriver for this part if you can’t reach it with your fingers.

If it has removable arms: Liftoff any stuffing that is inside your chair’s frame after removing the cover screws before lifting out the arms.

When it has no removable parts: You may need to remove the fabric and foam by cutting them with a knife at their seams, removing stuffing if necessary as you go.

Step 3. Once all of these pieces are removed, take out any screws that might be attached to the frame (and remove corresponding cover screws from arms or back)

Take out any screws attached to the legs. Remove the feet (unless they’re screwed in) and saw off remaining leg supports. If your chair has footrests: You might need a drill for this part if you can’t remove them by hand, but it’s not necessary.


How to Care for Recliner

Don’t let pets lie on your recliner. The oils from their fur can damage the upholstery, and they tend to shed hairs that will cling to fabrics like Velcro.

Some people recommend putting down a special pet bed for them instead of letting them share YOUR furniture!

Do not allow children under the age of five to play on a recliner.

Do not allow children under the age of three years old in chairs without footrests with or without arms. They can get their heads stuck between the frame and arm, which could result in suffocation.


After Disassembling Your Recliner:

Find someone who can help you put the recliner back together.

Dust and vacuum all surfaces of your fabric upholstery to remove dirt and debris that may have accumulated during the removal process.

Don’t forget to use a hand brush on the underside of chair frames! Vacuum or dust any exposed metal parts like springs, bolts, nuts, or screws with a soft brush and wipe with a damp cloth.

Put the recliner back together in reverse order of how you took it apart, including any parts that were removed from the frame during the disassembly process.

Remove footrests (if applicable) before moving the chair to an upright position. Footrests are not always removable depending on how they were installed.

Re-insert bolts or nuts with the hand tightening until they are snug but not overtightened – a little wiggle is okay!

Use new cotter pins where necessary, and replace any old washers that may have been removed during the disassembly process. Check all screws for tightness after assembly to be sure they are not loosened by accident.


Why should you know how to disassemble your recliner?

It’s always great when someone can fix the chair themselves rather than have to call in an expert or service repair person. If something is broken on the chair or you’ve just had a family member move into your home that has mobility issues, it may be time to learn how.

There are many reasons why someone would need to know how to disassemble their recliner. The one most people think of is moving out of an apartment and picking up all the furniture themselves. This is a daunting task, but some steps can be followed to make the process as easy and painless as possible.


How do you know when it’s time to take apart your recliner?

When there is an issue with the chair or if you have put someone living in your home with mobility issues, it may be time to learn how.


Why do I Need to Disassemble a Recliner?

There are many reasons why someone would need to know how to disassemble their recliner. The one most people think of is moving out of an apartment and picking up all the furniture themselves.


Where should I put my recliner when I am Disassembling It?

Find an area that has enough floor space for the piece of furniture, such as a garage or workshop. Then make sure there are no sharp objects or hazards in the way.


What happens if I don’t have enough space to set up my recliner?

If you are unable to find a place that has enough floor space, it is best to hire an assistant who can help with your disassembly project.


How much does it cost to hire someone for this job?

You will have to check with the assistant for their rates.


How do I know if this is a fair price?

If you are not sure how much it should cost, you can ask friends or family members who may be able-bodied and willing to help out. They could give you an idea of what they paid in the past.


Where can I find a spare chair, mat, or blanket to set up next to my recliner?

You may want to purchase some beforehand so you have them at the ready when it is time for disassembly.