The ABCs of How to Disassemble a Levin Furniture Recliner

In this article, we’re going to discuss how to disassemble a Levin Furniture recliner. The process is straightforward and requires no special tools or skills. You should be able to do it in about 30 minutes with the right approach.


how to Disassemble a Levin Furniture Recliner

Steps on Disassembling a Levin Furniture Recliner

Step One: Remove the Cushion, Wheels, and Pedal from Underneath

If you’re working with a recliner that’s currently in use, remove any objects from under it before continuing. This includes items like the footrests or wheels. Then unscrew the bolts holding up this section to take them out of the equation.

Step Two: Remove the boards from Underneath

The next step is to remove any of the boards that are underneath your recliner. This will make it easier for you when working on removing screws later on. Some Levin Furniture models have different designs, so be sure to do this thoroughly and in a logical order before proceeding with more steps.

Step Three: Remove the Springs from Underneath

The springs are what give your recliner its “springiness”. They’re how you can easily change how high or low it is when sitting down on it and how well it rocks back and forth.

Step Four: Take Apart Any Other Furniture Pieces You Need to

Now that the springs are out of the way, you can take apart any other furniture pieces in your Levin Furniture recliner. This may be a rocking chair or swivel rocker.

Step Five: Remove Any Screws You Find

You’re close to being done! The last thing left is how to remove screws from your Levin Furniture recliner.

Step Six: Check the Screws to See if They Can Be Recycled or Reused

After taking apart your furniture, you’ll need to check how many screws are left and decide how much they can be recycled for in this project. You might want to keep some of them so that you can reuse them in the future.


What is a Levin Furniture Recliner?

A Levin Furniture recliner is a piece of furniture that can be used for sitting or lying down. It usually has an attachment in the back end and a headrest at the top, which allows you to lean your body back with ease. The design also provides legroom so that it accommodates people’s different heights. Some designs are actually made so you can switch to laying down with one simple movement.


How to Disinfect Levin Furniture Recliner

You can use a water and bleach solution to get the furniture clean. You’ll need about one cup of white vinegar added to two cups of lukewarm water to kill any bacteria that has accumulated on your furniture.


How to Fix Levin Furniture Recliner Strings 

You can use a new shoelace to fix the strings on your Levin Furniture recliner. If you don’t have one, just cut it into two strips that are about an inch wide and long enough so that they reach across the bottom of the seat from side to side. Grab each end with needle-nose pliers and pull tightly.


How to Change the Fabric on Levin Furniture Recliner

You can take your old fabric and cut it into strips that are two inches wide and long enough so they reach across the bottom of the seat from side to side, with a couple of extra inches hanging over at each end. Place them underneath where you want the fabric to be peeled away and use a sharp object, such as scissors or a utility knife, to cut the sub-fabric. You can then peel up your old fabric and remove it

When you are done with this process, cover the seat back with the new piece of fabric that now has excess on each end for peeling over at each end, tucking it in tightly.

At the corners of the seat back and bottom, you can use a staple gun to secure your new fabric or sew on how-to with upholstery thread

Step one: Take off each arm from its hinges by pulling outwards. There are two wood screws at the top that need to be removed to get the arm off.

Step two: Take out any screws that are holding the seat cushion on and remove them from the chair base

Step three: Depending on how old your Levin furniture recliner is, you may have a metal wire or plastic strapping keeping your sub-fabric in place. If so, take  it off and set it aside

Step four: Take off the fabric that covers the back of your seat, then take out any screws holding it in place. Do not forget to unplug any wires or detach anything before disconnecting this part from the chair base

Step five: If you have a headrest on your Levin furniture recliner, pull the fabric that’s over it off. Then, unhook and remove any screws holding it to the chair base

Step six: Take out all of your living furniture recliner’s nuts or bolts by unscrewing them with a wrench or channel locks. If you are not sure how many there are, take pictures as you go 

Step seven: Unhook and then take off all sliders or detachable parts. This includes the armrests, headrests, any posts that hold up your chair’s back cushion

Step eight: Take out all of the screws holding in furniture recliner springs with a screwdriver.


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