How To Disable Dryer Buzzer? 5 Best Tips!

Are you fed up with the loud buzz noise of your dryer and want to learn how to disable dryer buzzer? If your want to disable the dryer buzzer, simply turn off your dryer, cut off the electric power, open the control board, find the buzzer and its wire then cut it off. The powerful buzzer that indicates the conclusion of the dryer cycle is frequently an annoyance and unwanted interruption. 

Fortunately, disabling a dryer’s buzzer is reasonably straightforward and safe. If you’re weary of hearing your dryer’s buzzer’s loud noise, try these steps to turn it off. It’s also harmful to people suffering from hearing issues, so keeping it disabled is not a big deal.

how to disable dryer buzzer

The buzzer in your dryer indicates that your drying cycle comes to an end, or may it buzz when an alarming situation comes. Let’s get more about the dryer buzzer and how to disable it.


What Is Dryer Buzzer?

Dryer buzzers were among the most obnoxious sounds that a piece of domestic equipment can create. Many households and single individuals, on the other hand, depend on the buzzer to continue laundry going. When the buzzer sounds, you realize it seems to be time to put everything on hold and collapse in front of the screen for a few minutes while you finish up your tasks.


Why The Dryers Have Buzzers?

The End-of-Cycle indication is found on many dryers. When garments are withdrawn from the dryer quickly, and the signal indicates that the cycle is about to stop, they are less likely to become wrinkled. A few minutes before turning off, dryers made after 1997 emit a series of brief buzzes.


Is Dryer Buzzer Necessary?

What do you think a dryer buzzer is necessary for your laundry? No, at all; Buzzers sounds are for the busiest people. Most of them are doing many tasks simultaneously, so the dryer buzzer is necessary. They often follow their dryer buzzer when the cycle ends or if you want to start a new process. But some people don’t need any buzzer sound because they know when their dryer cycle ends or when to create a new cycle. 


Tips To Disable Dryer Buzzer

If you are not feeling well, your dryer buzzer sound, you can disable it within low time. The thing you need to do is read the below-mentioned steps carefully. Here’s how to disable dryer buzzer:


#1. Turn off the dryer

The first thing you should need do whenever you want to disable the dryer buzzer is turn off the dryer. After turning off the dryer, detach all the electrical wires connected with your dryer, so you become safer for any bad situation. Turn the dryer’s switch on position once it’s been unplugged to ensure it’s shut off. 


#2. Find the dryer buzzer

Find the buzzer. Checking the dryer’s circuit or instructions is the most straightforward approach to finding the buzzer. The buzzer is usually hidden behind the machine’s front panel. The buzzer is sometimes hidden behind the dryer’s rear panel. Tiny black tubes that are linked to the timing device are dryer buzzers.


#3. Open the buzzer panel

Disconnect the buzzer’s wires. Pulling the cables that run into the buzzer is the most straightforward approach to deal with it. With a forceful yet gentle tug, the wires should come loose. After you’ve detached the wires from the buzzer, cover the ends with adhesive tape to ensure no active cables are accessible. Tape the coiled wires to the topmost of the dryer boards if you want them out of the way. Know how to remove the control panel from the Whirlpool duet sport.


#4. Test your dryer

Put the machine to the test. Connect the dryer back in and turn it on to examine the buzzer after you’ve tugged and taped the buzzer’s cables. If the machine continues to buzz after the cycle, you have removed the incorrect wires. However, instead of a loud buzzing, the engine will complete drying with a soft whimper.


#5. Assemble your dryer again

After you disable your dryer buzzer, the last step is to assemble your dryer parts again for use. You may close your dryer and determine if the adjustment was successful. The first thing is to pull the back panel close and take the rear panel, and position it with the dryer’s backside, making sure the anchoring screws studs match correctly.

Tighten the screws that hold the back panel in place, re-secure the rear panel with the screws you left aside, so it doesn’t wobble or shake, now replace your dryer in its original location.

Now it is fit to continue your dryer to its original position against the wall. Keep an eye on your dryer vent tubing since it must stay un-crumpled since you push the dryer.


It’s A Wrap!

We are delighted to know that you learned everything about dryer buzzers and how to disable dryer buzzers. If you don’t like your dryer buzzer sound, you can now easily disable it by just reading this article and by following all the tips. Thank you, friends, for staying with us!

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