How To Design A Chair: A Quick And Easy 5-Step Guide

Nothing is more convenient than knowing how to design a chair, especially when you want to have a customized chair that will fit your preferences. You are free to choose the size, height, appearance, and even add extra function!

If you are looking for ways to design a chair, we got you covered! Keep reading this article as we guide you on how to do so.


How Do You Design A Chair On Your Own?


Step #1. Think of your concept

Before you start making your chair, you should develop your concept. Think of how you want your chair to look and the material you wish to use. Then, you can do research and look for references.

Moreover, you can list down all the furniture problems you want to solve using your new chair design. For example, do you lack space, so you’ll need a small chair? Does your home have bed bugs, so you need chairs made of plastic? You can think of such questions like these when conceptualizing.


Step #2. Make a sketch

After developing a concept, start sketching the design. You can use either digital sketchbooks or an actual sketchpad. Draw the design of your chair at different angles to see the details correctly.

Note down some vital information and measurements that you can use later. After doing so, draw your design in a 3D-modeling software to have a vision of your chair. You can start from your chair’s basic form until you reach the final look by adding complicated details.


Step #3. Create a sample model

Get your notes where you wrote the measurements earlier. Then, scale them down from 1 ft. to 30 cm. After that, prepare some materials, such as cardboard, styrofoam, glue, and scissors to make a sample model of your chair design.

With that, you can see if you need to improve or change some details on your design.


Step #4. Refine your design

Before you finally manufacture your design, you can also refine it if you want to adjust some parts. If there are details that do not satisfy your concept, you can improve them again.


Step #5. Manufacture a prototype and test it

You can now purchase the materials you need from your trusted hardware stores. Make sure to buy the materials all at once to avoid taking too much time going back and forth. Also, if there are tools that you can borrow from your friends, there is no need for you to buy them.

Ensure to scale up the measurements. Otherwise, you can end up buying smaller materials than what you need.

Start assembling your chair according to the design. Build the foundations first and continue with the other parts. After that, you can also paint it to add some colors.

The last thing you need to do is to test the sturdiness of your customized chair. Try sitting on it and check whether it is strong enough to carry your weight or not. If there are any corrections with the final product, you can take note of these changes and work on them again.

You should never be discouraged with the amount of time it will take you because designing a chair requires time and effort. Do not rush the process and ensure that the details are correct. Otherwise, you can encounter problems with your chair.


What Are Some Common Designs Of Chairs?

Chairs differ in size, shape, and sometimes, their function. However, they cater to everyone at any age. Here are some common styles of chairs that we use every day.

  • Rocking chair – Enables a gentle movement for elders and infants, provides comfort, and is suitable for back pains.
  • Armchair – Usually cushioned, with soft support on each side where you can rest your arms.
  • Egg chair – With high cushioned sides intended for comfortable prolonged sitting.
  • Recliner chair – With movable back, best for sleeping and relaxation.
  • Wingback chair – Commonly used to provide warmth on the ears and neck.
  • Desk chair – Known as an office chair, with a swivel seat and wheels that enable you to move freely at work.
  • Windsor chair – The most comfortable wooden chair with a sloped back.


What Makes A Good Chair Design?

A good chair design should always ensure the user’s safety. Therefore, it should be sturdy enough to carry weight. Moreover, the parts should be assembled by the maker correctly to avoid damages and danger.

A nice chair should also be comfortable and relaxing. Consider the height, size, materials, and structure of the chair to achieve a comfortable seat. Ensure that the design satisfies the function intended for the chair.


Can You Add Decorations On Your Chair?

Creating your customized chair can also include putting decorations on it after. Of course, you are always free to add ornaments, colours, cushions, and the likes to your chair. In addition, you can add soft seats, pillows or even place them outdoors and hang flowers beside them!



It’s time to show your creativity since you already know how to design a chair. It can take a bite out of your time, but keep on focusing on your plans and concepts. After following this quick guide, you can finally create your customized chair!

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