How To Design A Bed? 4 Best Tips & More!

Are you planning to redecorate your bedroom and wondered, “how to design a bed?”

There are plenty of ways to enhance your bed based on your preferences and purpose.

how to design a bed

Imagine having a bedroom that projects your personality and is designed just for your comfort.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Well, your bed will certainly look more inviting and comfortable to have a good night’s sleep.

So, what are we waiting for?

Let’s start decorating!


Guide To Elevating Your Bed Based On Your Purpose

You could do a lot of things and finishing touches to your bed, depending on your purpose.

To make it look more comfortable, you may add another layer of light-colored comforters and use pastel pillow covers.

This advice will undoubtedly make you feel like your sleeping on the clouds.

If you think that your bedroom is so plain and simple, you may start by choosing a theme and apply it to your bedroom layout.

We have prepared many ideas for you, which will serve as your guide on how you can design a bed.


Tips To Make Your Bed Look Comfortable?

What makes you more sleepy than a fluffy bed?

If you wish to make your bed look and feel comfortable, follow these tips!


Tip #1. Add another layer of comforter

A cloud-like comforter sitting on top of your bed will surely make you love sleeping, only if it’s settled and properly arranged.

You don’t want it to look soft but messy.

One way to design your bed is to neatly lay the bed sheet as the foundation, followed by two layers of comforters.

But, you may choose different colors for these comforters.

These colors may complement each other, or the other one has a darker shade than the other.

We also suggest that the comforter placed on top would be less fluffy than the bottom.

There are fuzzy bedspreads that could add texture to your bed, like faux furs.


Tip #2. Utilize light colors in your palette

Using light colors in your bedroom would be very comforting and heaven-like.

Additionally, having pastel colors would be refreshing to the eyes.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to choose one color for your overall bed layout.

For example, you chose a yellow color.

Your bed could be designed with colors complementary to yellow, such as pastel green or orange.

And you can incorporate various shades of yellow as long as it satisfies your preferences.


Tip #3. Increase the number of pillows

Who doesn’t want to have a bed with lots of pillows?

If my bed has a dozen of them, it will solve 85% of my problems, kidding!

Different shapes and sizes would elevate your plain and simple nest.

Concerning the usage of light colors, you could purchase a set of pillow covers with matching patterns and complementary colors.

These pillows could help you achieve a comfortable and refined bed.


Tips To Design A Bed

If you’re more of a looks-over everything type of person, this is for you!

The following tips will help you achieve an Instagram-worthy bed.


Tip #1. Add elegant bed toppers

Adding another layer on top of your bedsheets would project various textures and modernity.

Faux furs have been popular lately.

They could be placed on the floor and furniture, specifically on your bed.

This type of clothing could add elegance to your layout.

Other bed toppers also include quilts and duvets, which could be layered across the foot of the bed.


Tip #2. Switch to a headboard cushion

Upholstered headboards offer unexpected detail that gives your bed an ultra-cozy edge.

They achieve that perfect balance of appeal and reliability.

In which these headboards could make your bed more modern and expensive.

Fabrics used for the cushion are mostly cotton and linen, which have a tight weave that can last for many years.

They also contribute to the different textures of your bed, especially if it’s on the darker side.


Tip #3. Incorporate dark color schemes

Modern bedroom layouts utilize darker colors in their bed, furniture, and decor.

Don’t be afraid to go dark and follow your instincts.

You wouldn’t know how this will all turn out unless you try it.

From what we have observed, luxurious beds usually use darker shades of red and black.


Tip #4. Choose accents to complement the dark colors

Concerning the previous tip, you may choose bed toppers or pillow covers with various patterns and shades.

This idea will make your bed more elevated and homely.

Your bed will look plain if it only has one shade of the color you chose and no patterns.

Incorporating textures into your bed will help you gain tons of compliments about your bedroom style.


Keeping Your Bed Simple

If you prefer a simple but alluring bed, we could also help you out!

It’s easier to plan for your bed designs if you aim to achieve a neat and simple appearance.

You don’t need a lot of pillows or another layer of a comforter.

You could have 2-3 regular pillows and some small ones for finishing touches.

For your regular pillows, keep them plain with a lighter shade of color,

While the smaller ones could have matching patterns that fit with the color scheme of the bed.

The bedsheets and comforter don’t have to be colorful or textured.

But you may add a thin quilt on the foot of your bed for a minimalist design.

And that is how to design a bed.


Wrapping Up

That’s it!

We hope you enjoyed learning how to design a bed.

This article will serve as your guide if you wish to elevate your bedroom layout.

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