How To Deodorize The Dryer? 3 Easy Steps!

Don’t you know how to deodorize the dryer? You can deodorize the dryer by cleaning the lint trap and dryer hose. Dryers often acquire unpleasant scents due to regular use, leaving the clothes feeling much less fresh. 

The scents might come from the drum interior and lint system, where they will be amplified with wetness and excessive heat of wet washing. You have to deodorize a stinky dryer twice a year; deodorizing a dryer is just so easy. 

how to deodorize the dryer

Not only will it make your clothing smell fresh and bright, but it’s sure to aid longevity of your dryer as you remove the obstruction of lint and prevent fire threat. So, if you are interested and want to learn more about it, read the article carefully. Let’s have a deep look at how to deodorize a dryer!


Steps To Deodorize The Dryer

That’s hardly a surprise that after such an extended usage of dryers, they will generate scents that go despite its own goal of keeping your clothing fresh and fresh and clean, particularly when you’re handling athletic clothes, including gymnasium clothing, workout clothes, and other items. Whenever you notice an awful stench emerging from your dryer, here are several quick procedures you can do to deodorize the dryer hat that will cost you almost nothing. We have explained well the answer to your question on how to deodorize the dryer. 


Step #1. Clear the lint trap

When you run your dryer, the friction and heat remove the mess from the clothes, which subsequently gather in the lint trap and other dryer-connected areas. This implies that your lint trap is loaded with lint which contains fresh, clean fibers and soap and grime during the cycle. It’s crucial to clean your lint trap after each usage, but if you’re detecting an unpleasant smell, a deep, thorough cleaning may be necessary. Vacuum the lint filter with a hose attachment, giving the edges of the rubber seal special care. Use the extension to clear the lint trap hole when your lint filter is out of use.

If the stink persists, soak the lint trap in warm water and clean it with an old, soft toothbrush to loosen any trapped lint. Let it sit for a few minutes, then dry it with a soft towel. The other alternative to deodorizing the dryer is using vinegar. It is an economical and natural approach to deodorizing scents by killing the microorganisms that cause them instead of merely masking them. Simply wipe the dryer’s interior with a cloth soaked in a solution of vinegar. Work your way around the drum from back to front, paying particular focus towards the gaps around and beneath the gaskets. Allow the dryer to dry thoroughly. Don’t worry if you feel the smell of vinegar; it diminishes once your dryer dries completely. 


Step #2. Clean the dryer hose

It mostly happened that the lint is also sticking to the dryer hose because of extended use of the dryer, making your laundry smell terrible. In this case, you have to deodorize the vent hose, and the hose is found out or inside your laundry room. The hot air is blasted out the vent pipe, which is usually oriented outdoors when it leaves from the dryer. Make sure your hose is the right size: it should have a diameter of four inches.Lint fibers are so thin that they accumulate, such as lint, in a dryer’s limited chamber.

Vacuum the area around, beneath, and behind the dryer. Lint will adhere to fractures or breaks in the vent hose, so look for these. A little tape will occasionally fix such sensitive points in a vent hose, but it may need to be changed. Look for any foreign things within the exhaust hose. Because these hoses are usually connected to the outdoors, they may get infected with undesired items or bugs. Clean the hose entirely with the help of a vacuum. Bring your vacuum outdoors to wipe the vent outside wholly. When a flap is present, raise it to ensure that none of this is stopping it. Here’s how to clean dryer vent hose.


Step #3. Clean the interior and exterior

To deodorize the dryer, don’t forget to deodorize the dryer interior and exterior. Dip the same soft cloth used to clean out the dryer’s interior with white distilled vinegar and wipe the unit off thoroughly. Lint can gather behind a dryer’s knobs, so keep an eye out for these crannies and nooks. You may also add an exhaust fan to prevent odors from accumulating in the washer room. It’s crucial to remember that lint build-up isn’t only an odor problem; it may also be a fire threat and produce the mold around your gasket. Simply using white vinegar, a vacuum cleaner, and soapy water, you can deodorize your dryer and make your laundry smell fresh and beautiful.


It’s A Wrap!

We are excited to know that you already know how to deodorize the dryer and hope reading this article is just fun for you. To deodorize the dryer, clean the lint trap and your dryer hose using the above steps. Thank you, friends, for sticking and focusing on this article! Click on these links to read related articles; know how to clean gum out of a dryer  and how to clean LG dryer

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