How To Defrost Wedding Cake: Not Soggy

The best way to learn how to defrost wedding cake correctly is to be patient with the thawing process. You can’t rush defrosting a wedding cake, or it can turn soggy. 

We’ll also share the best time to defrost your wedding cake and tips for those who want to thaw a wedding cake quickly. But more than knowing how to defrost a wedding cake, the key to ensuring that it will remain fresh and tasty even after a year is learning how to preserve a wedding cake

how to defrost wedding cake


How To Defrost Wedding Cake After 1 Year?

It’s tradition to preserve a wedding cake and then eat it on the first wedding anniversary. However, a thawed cake can be soggy, so defrosting should be done correctly. 


Two-hour thawing intervals  

Start by putting the wedding cake in the refrigerator from the freezer. Do not do anything to its container; unwrap the cake from the tin foil after two hours. 

Return the wedding cake to the refrigerator and wait for two more hours. You should be patient with these intervals to keep cakes from being soggy. 


Defrost cake overnight 

Then, remove the cake from its container and wrap it with wax paper. Put the wedding cake in the fridge to thaw overnight, and then let it return to room temperature the next day before slicing and serving. 

Rushing and defrosting wedding cake can affect its texture, so you’ll do two-hour intervals by removing the wrapper and the container. Afterward, you’ll leave it thawed inside the fridge overnight before serving the next day after the defrosted cakes reach room temperature. 


How Long Does It Take To Defrost A Cake From The Freezer?

Some couples bake their own wedding cakes or cupcakes in advance and then decorate them on the wedding day. You’ll leave the cake defrosted overnight if you also go the DIY route. 

It’s possible to defrost and decorate the cake on the same day, but it’s not recommended as the texture can get soft outside but frozen in the middle. Overnight defrosting is always recommended to ensure that your cake will be thawed completely. 

What if you want to thaw cakes left over at the wedding? The recommended time for defrosting is between 24 to 48 hours in the refrigerator, then waiting two hours before serving the leftover wedding cake to help it reach room temperature. 


How Do You Defrost A Cake Without It Getting Soggy?

The best way to defrost cake and cupcakes without them getting soggy is to take the thawing process slowly. You don’t want to rush them because the leftover moisture from being frozen can turn them soggy. 

You also want to let the cake come to room temperature before serving so the outside is not soft and the inside will not remain frozen. You can start thawing cakes a day before the anniversary and transfer the desserts to the fridge. 

Then, serve the wedding cake the next day. Do note that not all cakes will last long, especially if you’ll wait for your first wedding anniversary to eat them. 


When Should I Unfreeze My Wedding Cake?

Thawing cakes is a tradition of newlyweds on their first wedding anniversary. However, if you still want the best taste and texture, you can thaw wedding cake two to three months after storing it. 


How long is cake good for once defrosted?

Once your wedding cake is defrosted, you only have four to six days to consume it and ensure it will still be safe and tasty. This is also assuming that you defrost the cake in the fridge. 

If you’re curious about why this tradition is practiced, you can read why do you save the top tier of wedding cake


How To Thaw Frozen Cake Quickly?

It’s best not to rush getting your wedding cake thawed to keep it from soggy or having a frozen center. But depending on the cake, the fastest time you can thaw it is at least eight hours in the refrigerator. 

Another tip to hasten the thawing process is to transfer the wedding cake to the refrigerator on the day before you are intent on eating it. This way, you don’t have to worry about the cake remaining frozen in the middle after it’s thawed. 


How Long Is Frozen Wedding Cake Good For?

The longest time you can freeze wedding cake is a year as it’s tradition to defrost and consume the cake on the couple’s first wedding anniversary. But for optimal quality, most bakeshops recommend consuming frozen cakes within two to three months. 


Do frozen cakes go bad?

Like any other food, check the frozen wedding cake if it’s still good to eat after thawing. If it’s too dry or slimy, it’s best to throw it out to avoid experiencing food poisoning.

And, of course, if you’re noticing molds, discolorations, or smell, never eat the leftover cake. Order a smaller one similar to your wedding cake flavor for peace of mind. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap how to defrost wedding cake, you’ll do two-hour intervals of letting it thaw in the refrigerator and taking the wrapper and container one at a time. 

Then, finish defrosting overnight before leaving the cake to room temperature before serving. Never rush thawing as you risk having a soggy but frozen leftover wedding cake. 

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