How To Deflate Intex Air Mattress In 2 Easy Steps

Those who want to how to deflate Intex air mattress should check out this easy and quick two-step guide. We will mention some tips to make the process simpler without risking damaging your air bed. And more so, there are two main techniques that you can do to deflate your air mattress. 

Much like inflating air beds, it’s possible to use a pump to deflate your air mattress. But what if you don’t have one? Continue reading this article as we teach you both ways to deflate an air bed!

How To Deflate Intex Air Mattress


How To Deflate Intex Air Mattress Correctly


Step #1. Preparation

Before anything else, you want to check the label and instructions of your air bed and always adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid damages. Then, you can remove all the accessories on your Intex air mattress, including the covers and toppers. Place the bare air bed on a hard surface such as the floor to help with the process. 


Step #2. Deflating


With a built-in pump

If your air mattress has a built-in air pump, deflating it should be straightforward and intervention-free. You just need to find the deflate button or dial and turn it on to do the job for you. Be sure to check the manual to know the symbol your bed uses and how long it takes to deflate the air bed fully. 


With a separate pump

What if your air bed has no built-in pump? You can use a separate pump as long as you ensure that its nozzle and the air bed’s opening are fit for each other. You may need to use an adapter to ensure a secure connection. 

After you attach the nozzle to the valve, you just need to turn on the pump to suck the air. Some users even recommend applying pressure on the mattress to speed up the deflation. You can have someone lie on the bed as the pump sucks the air. 


Without a pump

If you have no pump to use, you can still deflate your air mattress safely. Expect that you’ll need to exert more effort and time to remove the air in your mattress manually. To do so, open the valve and apply pressure on the bed.

You can have someone lie on it or press their hands and knees on the bed surface as the mattress releases air. It may take 10 minutes or more to finish deflating, especially if the mattress is enormous or you applied minimal pressure. You also want to ensure that no air is left, so apply pressure throughout the process and again after thinking it has finished deflating. 


How Do I Deflate Intex Quick Fill?

Intex also has a so-called Quick Fill electric air pump. You can check out the manual to understand the parts more since it has figures complete with operating instructions. Nonetheless, deflating with this air pump is relatively easy. 

First, attach the nozzle to the deflation connector, and the pump should have a perfect fit. For certain products, Intex has smaller nozzles to have a secure connection to smaller inflation valves. You might also need to hold the pump against the mattress valve before plugging the pump into the appropriate outlet. 

Remember that this pump uses a polarized plug that will only fit an outlet one way. If you failed to do so, you must have the appropriate polarized outlet for safety. Finally, all you have to do is switch the air pump by pressing the I button and then turning it off with the 0 button afterward.


How Do You Fold Up An Air Mattress?

After you have deflated your air bed, you probably need to fold it up to lessen the bulk for transport or storage. Depending on what’s recommended by the manufacturer, you can either fold it or roll it up. However, the latter would be the safer choice since it won’t leave impressions on the surface as easily. 

You also don’t want to keep your air bed rolled or folded for an extended period to avoid damaging the material. To start, fold the long sides so they’ll meet in the middle and then roll from the top until it’s small enough to fit its bag or box. Keep your mattress more protected by wrapping it in a towel and strapping it with ratchet straps to keep it rolled. 


Can You Pop An Air Mattress?

Unfortunately, it is indeed possible to pop an air mattress if you’re not being too careful. Refrain from jumping on it or sitting on one side only where the pressure is localized. If you accidentally damage the material, the seams may also tear and cause leaks

This is why you must keep your air mattress protected during storage or transport, as some objects can tear or poke holes on it. You also don’t want to fill it with water since water won’t adapt to pressure, and you’ll end up stressing the seams. Furthermore, check the manufacturer’s recommended fill percentage when blowing your air mattress to keep it from getting overfilled. 



Perhaps it’s time to store or transport your air bed. If you don’t know how to deflate Intex air mattress, it’s best to check the manual for your specific product. Overall, it’s as simple as removing all the accessories and turning on the pump. 

You can use a separate or the built-in pump, but it’s also possible to open the valve and apply pressure on the bed if you don’t have a pump.