How To Deflate Air Mattress With Pump? 2 Best Methods!

Do you want to know how to deflate air mattress with pump? In this article, you will know the two best means to do so!

Indeed, air mattresses are not just comfortable to sleep on, but they are convenient as well.

how to deflate air mattress with pump

Whether you intend to use it at home or on the road, it can give the same comfy feeling.

As soon as it was released in the market about ten or more years ago, air mattresses instantly became popular due to their convenience.

For sure, those who have slept away from home would agree if I’d say that an air mattress can be a lifesaver.

Since they are lightweight and compact when deflated, campers can easily carry them wherever they go.

Plus, this sleeping solution is affordable!

Now, how are you going to deflate it after use?

Although there are many less conventional methods to do this, utilizing a pump can make the procedure faster and easier.

Read until the end to know all the necessary things in deflating your air mattress with a pump.


Preparing The Air Mattress

Before we proceed to the deflation properly, you must prepare your mattress first.

Please take note. Air mattress packs a substantial amount of air, typically under tremendous pressure, so an air mattress can support your body weight.

With that being said, you need to ensure that the air mattress is securely laid on a hard surface or the floor.

You also need to remove any beddings on the tops of your air bed, such as blankets, duvet covers, toppers, and pillows.

Also, make sure that there is nothing fragile such as phones, computers, or glasses on the bed.

After completing this, you can now proceed to the steps in deflating an air mattress with a pump.

Although the process sounds simple, as if you are letting the air out of bed, it is still best to follow this guide step by step.

Remember, the process of deflation varies across different types of air mattresses. It will also depend on the type of pump you’ll use.


Methods To Deflate Air Mattress With Pump

As I have said, the method of deflation varies.

So, how to deflate air mattress with pump?

Below we will teach you how to deflate a mattress that comes with a built-in pump and with the use of a separate pump.


Method #1. Deflating an air mattress with a built-in pump

If your air mattress comes with built-in pumps, then you are lucky.

That is because they are intentionally designed to make both inflation and deflation easy.

This type of air mattress does not have any opening or valves for external connections, unlike other airbed types.

If your air mattress is indeed something like this, then the process will only be a breeze for you.

Here’s how you do it!


Locate the buttons

Locate the buttons and determine which is intended for inflation and deflation.

Typically, the configurations are position alongside the built-in pump.

In case you cannot find any button, you can look for a switch.

They are usually marked with a zero and minus sign.


Press the button

Press the deflate button or switch.

After you are done with this, you will notice that the built-in pump will begin to suck the air out of your mattress.

The air bed will become flat entirely after a few minutes.

However, it will depend on the power of the pump or its brand.

In general, the deflation process can range from thirty seconds up to four minutes.


Method #2. Deflating an air mattress using a separate pump

Not all beds come with a built-in pump. If you own a bed like this, then you will need to grab an external pump.

It is necessary for making the deflation process as effortless and quick as possible.

After getting a pump, follow the steps below.


Locate the opening or the air valve of your mattress

Commonly, air mattresses that do not come with built-in pumps have two separate openings.

The narrow one is used when you have to blow the air into the bed.

Whereas the other opening is used when sucking the air, which is usually wider than the other.


Attach the pump to your bed

With the use of the wider valve, attach the pump onto the air mattress.

This opening is specially made wider to suck a tremendous amount of air for quicker deflation.

Remember that you need to prevent any mishaps by securing that the nozzle is tightly attached.


Deflate your air mattress

Turn the switch of the pump on to start deflating the air mattress.

As soon as you click the switch, the pump will begin to suck the air.

You can do it in just a couple of minutes.

But if you desire to speed the process even more, you can ask someone to apply pressure as he lies on the air mattress.


It’s A Wrap!

Finally, you have reached the end of this post!

Now, you know how to deflate air mattress with pump.

I am confident that you will find no trouble anymore in deflating your air mattress.

If you own an air mattress with a built-in pump, the process will be easy for you.

However, this type is not for outdoor use since beds are less portable.

On the other hand, air mattresses without built-in pumps require more effort for deflation.

But they are more affordable and portable.