How To Decorate Curtains With Ribbons? 4 Best Ways!

Are you wondering how to decorate curtains with ribbons?

Then you have come to the right place because, in this post, we will be showing you the different ways of decorating your curtains.

how to decorate curtains with ribbons

It is a good way of adding texture and color to your plain curtains.

You might as well use ribbons to embellish your unique curtains.

They come in various patterns, colors, widths, and materials, thereby allowing you to customize your curtains however you like.

Choosing a ribbon to use can also help ensure that your curtains will end up suited to your décor and taste.


Ways To Decorate Curtains With Ribbons

In this decorating project, you can either sew or use the no-sew technique.

So, how to decorate curtains with ribbons?

You can add ribbons to your curtains using different ways.


Method #1. With tiebacks

A fast way of improving a basic curtain is to add ribbon tiebacks.

You only need enough ribbon that can loop around the curtain and tie onto the window’s frame.

To add a more decorative effect, you can mount holdbacks onto the wall or the window frame.

Another way to do this is to braid three ribbons of different colors to create a colorful ribbon tieback.

Then, add a hook for this will serve as an anchor.

That is where you can tie the tieback later on.


Method #2. Using streamers

Another option that does not require sewing is the streamers.

It will only hang above the curtain from the rod.

Tie it just like how you tie your shoes to ensure they will hold onto the rod. But you might as well tie like a necktie.

In this option, the ribbon will appear as a valance hanging on the upper portion of the curtain.

But you can also hang ribbon streamers towards the curtain hem or even beyond that.

If you have kids or pets at home, make sure that the end of the ribbon is above their reach to ensure safety.


Method #3.Using border

One great way of customizing your curtains is by adding a contrasting ribbon on its border.

It is an excellent way of making a simple curtain look more appealing.

For instance, you can add a polka-dot ribbon to your plain white curtain.

To hold the ribbons flatly, you can run a line of stitches along the edges using your sewing machine.

But you can also accomplish this without using iron-on tapes in attaching the ribbon onto the curtain.

Using fabric glue is also an effective way to do this.

Putting two up to 3 ribbons can offer a bold look, whereas a single ribbon will result in a softer look.


Method #4. Adding bows

You can also add dimension to your curtain with the help of simple bows.

For instance, you can try decorating your curtains with rows of bows, about six bows or more in each row to produce a feminine flair.

Add it starting from the top of the curtain towards the bottom.

Using bows that are matching with the curtain can create a subtle and lovely effect.

At the same time, bows that contrast the curtain can easily catch attention.

Using cloth ribbon in making bows can hold their shape well.


Customizing Ready-Made Curtains With Ribbon Trim

Perhaps, you want to update your ready-made curtains into a more stylish and chic decorative piece.

Then you can try using colorful ribbons to do this.


Materials needed

Before we proceed to customize your simple curtains, you have to gather the materials needed first.

  • Scissors
  • Pom-pom trim
  • Ready-made curtains
  • Fabric glue
  • Ribbons


4 Steps To Follow

You can use your creativity in upgrading the look of your curtains.

Below are the steps to do this:


Step #1. Adding a pom-pom trim

In this method, you need to lay your curtain on a flat surface.

Then get your fabric glue and line it onto the curtain about five inches from the edge on top.

After that, attach the pom-pom trim to the curtain where you lined the fabric glue.


Step #2. Adding a thin ribbon trim

Put another line of your fabric glue about four inches from the previous one.

This time, extend the line across the curtain.

Then, attach a thin yet solid ribbon to the line.


Step #3. Adding wide ribbon trim

Again, make another line of the fabric glue right below the line you make for the thin ribbon trim.

Then, attach a solid and wide ribbon to the new line.


Step #4. Continue Adding Lines of Fabric Glue and Ribbon

Repeat the same process to add more lines of glue and ribbon.

When adding the ribbons, you can do it randomly on every curtain.

You can also put a patterned ribbon to make them look more fun.

As you are moving towards the bottom of the curtain, push the top into a bunch.

Then continue adding lines until you are halfway down and you’re done.

You have finally created a whimsical and fun look for your essential ready-made curtains.


It’s A Wrap!

Now that you already know how to decorate curtains with ribbons, there is no going back in stepping up the game of your interior décor.

You can upgrade the simple and basic-looking curtains into something more stylish and fun.