How To Decorate Champagne Glasses For A Wedding

You can learn how to decorate champagne glasses for a wedding in three ways. We will also talk about using glitter, one of the easiest and affordable ways to decorate champagne glasses. 

Speaking of affordable, do you know that you can learn how to serve alcohol at a wedding without a bartender? If the wedding is small, you can save on extra costs by not having a bartender. 

how to decorate champagne glasses for a wedding


How To Decorate Wedding Champagne Glasses 


Method 1. Crystals

You only need rhinestones, small crystals, and other sparkly stones to add more interest to your wedding champagne glasses. And because there are various crystals available in the market, it should be easy to find the colors that will suit your wedding color palette. 

Start with preparing your glass champagne flutes and wipe them clean and dry. Next, use a toothpick to dip into the glue and dot it on the glass according to the design you want. 

Make sure that you place the crystals and stones away from the drinking portion of the champagne glasses. Then, press the stones on their spots and allow them to dry to finish.


Method 2. Nail polish

Do you want to get extra creative and freehand your designs on the champagne glasses? You don’t need expensive paint because you can use nail polish to decorate the glasses. 

A fun idea that will also help you finish many glasses at once is to include the champagne glass decorating activity in your bridal shower. Make sure that you’ll have a vast collection of nail polish to choose from and also tools like tiny brushes or even toothpicks. 

Paint the portion below the rim of the champagne glass and allow the nail polish to dry to avoid smudging the design. Then, spray the champagne glass with a waterproof sealant spray to finish. 


Method 3. Etching

Using nail polish or adding gems onto the champagne glasses can make them dangerous to put in the dishwasher. So if you expect to use the champagne glasses more than once and put them in the dishwasher, consider etching them for decoration. 

Prepare the design you want on the champagne glass as a printed black and white image, some glass etching gel, contact paper, carbon paper, scissors, pencil, and brush. Place the contact paper on the work surface and put the carbon paper over it. 

Put your black and white printed design over the papers and cut it out. Then, apply the contact paper onto the champagne glass and trace it with the etching gel. 

Allow the etching gel to sit on the champagne glass for as long as the brand recommends and wipe it off. Then, remove the stencil to finish. 


How Do You Add Glitter To Champagne Glasses?

One of the most fun, affordable, and easy ways to decorate champagne glasses is with glitter. You only need foam brushes, paper plates for the glitter, and decoupage medium. 

Start with covering your work surface with a plastic sheet since glitter can get busy. You also want a container to catch excess glitter from the work surface. 

Then, dip the brush in the decoupage medium and apply a thin layer to the champagne glass. Cover it completely and evenly with the decoupage, then hold it over the paper plate. 

Sprinkle the champagne glass with glitter while turning it to cover it with glitter evenly. Allow the champagne glass to dry and tap it lightly to catch the excess glitter before applying a second layer of decoupage


What Kind Of Paint Do You Use On Champagne Glasses?

The best paint on champagne glasses is acrylic enamel paint because it is low maintenance. It is also easy to work with because it adheres well to the glass. 

Furthermore, it should be safe to use on champagne glasses because it’s water-based and non-toxic. Another paint option is gloss enamel craft paint and other acrylic paints. 

Just make sure to seal the glasses with sealant to help them last longer.


How Do You Seal Acrylic Paint On Champagne Glass?

You’ll use a specific glass sealant after painting the champagne glasses with acrylic paint. It is ideal for this type of paint, and for champagne glasses, you want a sealer that finishes glossy rather than matte.

It might be easier to apply spray sealants than brush-on formulas when working on multiple champagne glasses. Hold the can for about 12 inches away from the painted glass and apply up to three coats, letting each layer dry before working on the next. 


How Do You Wrap A Champagne Glass?

Roll your champagne glass in a piece of fabric, then tie a ribbon around the champagne glass’ neck to secure the wrap. This is an easy yet fancy way to wrap champagne flutes, especially for weddings. 

You can select a fabric that matches the wedding theme. And if you want to know how to wrap silverware for a wedding, consider our separate tutorial to set your wedding tables elegantly.  



Was this article helpful? We just talked about how to decorate champagne glasses for a wedding, where you can use crystals, nail polish, or etching gel. 

You can even use glitters to decorate your champagne flutes. We hope this gave you many ideas on how to make your champagne glasses more interesting for the wedding; let us know below which method you choose to do. 

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