How To Decorate A Ring Bearer Pillow. 2 Best Ways

Learning how to decorate a ring bearer pillow simply means adding different crafts and materials to your traditional ring pillow. You can get creative and go with something unique or simple to your heart’s content. This article will give you different ideas to get started!

You can also read below how to quickly turn your common-looking ring bearer pillow into something unique and heartfelt. Best of all, you don’t need to be an expert artist or tailor to achieve an attractive ring pillow. Without further ado, here are some designs and decorations for ring bearer pillows.

How To Decorate A Ring Bearer Pillow


Learn How To Decorate A Ring Bearer Pillow Yourself With These Methods


Method #1. Ribbons

Perhaps one of the most common decorations for ring bearer pillows is ribbons. You’ll see various styles of ring pillows, but a trend that never goes out of style is having a ribbon on the center of the pillow. Depending on the color, textures, and materials, the ribbon and pillow combo can look elegant, chic, or even classic-looking, 

We always decorate ring bearer pillows with ribbons because their ends allow us to attach rings to the pillow. It’s a secure yet subtle way to place the rings, and all you have to do is pull them out to remove the rings. So how do you decorate a ring bearer pillow with a ribbon?


Attach the string to the ribbon

The easiest way is to find a ribbon and string that complements your pillow. Tie the string to the ribbon and fold it in half so that you’ll have a loop behind the ribbon. Make a knot around the ribbon using this string and slide it to the center of the ribbon. 


Make the bow

Now that you have the decorative piece and the string for tying the rings, you can make the bow by looping both ends of the ribbon. Cross one side over the other and thread through the gap to form the bow. Center the ribbon onto the pillow and attach using glue or stitches. 


Singe and trim

Finally, singe your strings and ribbon to prevent fraying. You can also cut them to the length that looks best for the pillow. Be sure that you left the strings hanging for tying the rings in place

At this point, you can add other materials and trinkets to your ribbon to further enhance your pillow’s finish. Perhaps a charm that reminds the groom and the bride of something meaningful or small flowers that complement the wedding’s theme or setting. Nonetheless, you can always leave the pillow be if you think the look is complete.


Method #2. Embellishments

Besides ribbons, embellishments and ornaments like trims, tufting, embroidery, and even pieces of fabric can decorate your ring bearer pillow. The key is choosing the right combinations so the finish doesn’t look tacky or overwhelming. You can also take inspiration from the colors and textures in the wedding venue or guest dress code. 


Trims and tassels

Corded or ruffled trims can add more variation to an otherwise plain-looking ring bearer pillow. Some materials don’t even require sewing as you can glue them in the pillow’s seams. Lace trims will always add a touch of fanciness to the ring bearer pillow, especially if it matches the bride’s dress. 

Trims are not the only details that you can decorate your ring bearer pillow’s seams with. You can create some tassels and add them to the pillow’s corners. The added movement and colors will look great in the aisle. 


Tuft and embroider

You’re not limited to decorating the seams and corners of your pillow. Don’t neglect the surface of the pillow itself and add some variety by tufting it. The ring bearer pillow will look plumper and elegant with this added texture. 

Since you’re sewing the surface, you might also like to personalize your ring bearer pillow with embroidery. This classic artwork is an excellent way to add details and small meaningful designs to your ring bearer pillow. And best of all, it works for every fabric type!



Finally, leftover materials from other projects are also useful for decorating ring bearer pillows. Cut out patterns and shapes on fabrics like lace and chiffon and then glue or sew them on the pillow surface. You can use a different color or texture that will pop out in the pillow or enhance the other ornaments. 

Another useful tip is to upcycle family heirlooms and add them to your ring bearer pillow. It can be a piece of a dress, shirt, or even handkerchief. These memorable pieces are visually appealing and will also be touching the hearts of the bride and groom. 



If you just made a ring bearer pillow, you can always personalize it further for your special day. You might discover how fun it is to learn how to decorate a ring bearer pillow. Whether it’s by going traditional with ribbons or letting your creative juices flow with embellishments, designing your ring pillow is another way to add your personal touch to the ceremony. 

Don’t be intimidated by the many options you have. As long as you keep the wedding’s theme and setting in mind, you should end up with a great-looking ring bearer pillow. Lastly, remember no to neglect its functionality when it comes to attaching the rings themselves.