How To Decorate A Living Room For A Wedding

Consider four tips on how to decorate a living room for a wedding. In this guide, we’ll help you decorate a living room to make it classy and suitable for a wedding. We will also give wedding decor ideas for those who want to do their wedding at home. 

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how to decorate a living room for a wedding


Exactly How To Decorate A Living Room For A Wedding


Improve the home lighting

Before we go on decor ideas for a wedding living room, consider the lighting you have first. Remember that the lighting dictates the mood and feel of the wedding and can even enhance the decorations, depending on the color and brightness. 

The key to know how to decorate a living room for a wedding is keeping the word “soft” in mind for a romantic feel. Choose a light source that is mellow for an intimate and romantic wedding. 

Instead of bulbs, opt for candle holders and tea lights. You can also use glass covers or consider wedding decoration ideas with lanterns and string lights to make the living room more bridal than homey. 


Decorate the floor of the living room

When browsing wedding room designs, notice that the floor is influential to the overall idea or theme you want for the wedding. Since, realistically, you can’t change the living room floor type, you can always use decorations like rugs and carpets. 

Be strategic in the placement of the wedding decoration because they can also act as a way to create different sections in the living room for the wedding. For example, don’t forget the classic decoration in the middle of the aisle and make the altar pop out more by using different fabrics or rugs in that area. 

Decorating with other elements like flowers, lace, and other materials on the floor should also elevate the living room. But of course, you don’t want to put decor that may be obstructive and unsafe for foot traffic. 


Cover the furniture on the site

Besides the decoration you’ll use, another essential aspect of learning how to decorate a living room for a wedding is knowing how to hide or enhance the existing elements. For example, what are your ideas for the furniture in the living room? 

You can arrange them on one side to create a bigger space or cover them with fabrics and materials matching the wedding theme. These decor ideas are also functional because they protect your furniture from spills and messes. 

Alternatively, you can put decorations over the tables and benches as well. They can even serve as the spots for the wedding favors or numbers to save on space and rentals. 


Place multiple flower arrangements in the wedding room

The best room decor for living rooms is flowers. Flowers are classic wedding decorations, and there are many ideas to try. 

For example, you can have sizeable floral wedding decorations around the surfaces in the living room. You can also scatter flowers or use garlands wrapped around the staircase and windows. 

But of course, consider your wedding theme and color palette when choosing the flowers. Here are the most popular wedding flowers if you don’t know how to pick them. 


How Can I Decorate My Wedding Room?


Be generous with fabrics

Use draping and runners around the room. For example, use a long carpet to make the aisle of the wedding room pop out more. 

Then, add drapes around the ceiling or use fabric sheets to cover certain room areas. For a more personalized feel, you can get custom fabrics with your initials and place them at the center of the room. 

Play with the textures and colors of the fabrics, especially if you’ll use them as the backdrop. But of course, make sure that they are securely installed. 


Play with the lighting

Read about what is wedding uplighting to understand how lights can enhance the wedding venue. Since you’re indoors, you don’t need to worry about electric sources. 

With safety in mind, you can also use lanterns and candles. String lights are affordable decor ideas to enhance the wedding room’s romantic feel. 


Consider the wedding theme

Decorate the wedding room with your wedding theme in mind. Then, use it as inspiration when picking the space’s flowers and other wedding decors. 

You can even take inspiration from wedding room designs with the same theme. And finally, maintain a cohesive look for the room decoration to keep it classy. 


How Can I Do A Small Wedding At Home?

  1. Set a wedding budget
  2. Pick a wedding theme
  3. Plan the number of guests you want to have
  4. Check if you’ll need to rent chairs and tables
  5. Consider taking advantage of your existing elements and items at home
  6. Make sure to clean the space
  7. Plan the lighting and sounds 
  8. Get intimate wedding style inspirations online



And that’s it! You just learned how to decorate a living room for a wedding using four tips. 

Start with improving the lighting, decorating the floor, covering the furniture, then enhancing the space with flowers. We hope this was helpful for your home wedding; feel free to browse our blog for more intimate wedding guides. 

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