How To Decorate A Fence For A Wedding: 3 Creative Ideas

You can consider three creative ways to know how to decorate a fence for a wedding. This fencing decorating guide to transforming your wedding outdoor venue uses flowers, lights, and other decors.

We have also included tips on decorating the fence with tulle as it’s a bridal material usually seen in other wedding venues. And if you’re having a backyard wedding, read how to turn your backyard into a wedding venue for more transformation tips. 

how to decorate a fence for a wedding


Exactly How To Decorate A Fence For A Wedding


Use flowers on your fencing

The best way to decorate fences for a wedding is with iconic wedding decor: flowers. Almost all wedding themes and venues use flowers to make them more suitable for the event. 

And with fences, you can experiment with floral arrangements, garlands, greeneries, and even fake flowers. For example, you can create focal points with larger flowers, then use fake flowers or fillers for the other parts of the fence. 

Flowering vines also make excellent decors for fences because you can wrap them around the length of the fence. Alternatively, use hanging planters with the flowers in season on the fence to get the most of your spring or summer wedding. 


Add lights on the fences

If you’re having an evening wedding, lights are the best wedding decoration you can use for your fences. A lighted wedding fence makes the perfect wedding backdrop, so you can consider placing the area’s focal points in front. 

String lights are fantastic for various decoration ideas because they are cheap and easy to manipulate. You can also hang fence decor like lanterns as long as they won’t cause any fire hazards. 

Another fence decoration that illuminates is backyard lighting. You can control where the lights point and combine it with flowers for a more bridal look. 


Consider wedding elements as the fence wedding decor

Your wedding theme should inspire the overall look of the wedding fence. The common themes in wedding venues include boho, rustic, romantic, classic, or even retro. 

Some elements that come to mind are lights, fabrics, twines, vintage objects, or even mini sculptures that can decorate your wedding fence. You don’t need to attach the sizeable ones to the fence directly. 

You can leave them at the bottom of the posts or select the focal point of the fence. You can also paint the fence with a custom wedding mural or use trim if it’s a wooden fence. 


How Do You Decorate A Fence With Tulle?

When it comes to wedding decorations, tulle is commonly used for fabric drapings and features because of its bridal look. However, you can also use this material when decorating fences for a wedding. 

Apply these tips for decorating a fence:

  • Measure the part of the fence that you’ll decorate with tulle; the length should be multiplied by four to know how much tulle you’ll need
  • You can also make a bow from tulle as added fencing decoration
  • Wrap the tulle around the fence, make it as loose or tight as you want; you can leave some excess tulle pooling at the bottom of the fence or use the fabric to cover the unsightly fence areas
  • Add flowers, lights, or balloons over or in between the tulle
  • You can also tie garlands and other embellishments that are seen around the venue onto the fence as well
  • Consider combining tulle with different fabrics like silk for texture and color contrast


How Can I Make My Fence More Interesting For A Wedding?

If you can’t determine a way to decorate your fence for the wedding venue, consider these creative ideas for fence decorations: 

  • Create vertical gardens that you’ll install on the fence
  • Consider hanging plants
  • Wrap the fence posts with wedding fabrics and floral arrangements 
  • Experiments with lights and other lighted decors on the fence
  • Use a chalkboard on the fence and make a custom wedding mural
  • Paint the fence with wedding colors
  • Install shelves or upcycle an old table to have a spot to put your wedding desserts or favors on the fence
  • Find elements and decors that you can upcycle and attach to the wedding fence
  • Add mirrors onto the wedding fence
  • Use clocks and picture frames onto the wedding fence
  • Cut holes and decorate the wedding fence so they can be a fun prop for the wedding photobooth
  • Put mini houses such as bird houses onto the wedding fence

And if your reception is outside, make the most of the space by learning how to plan an outdoor wedding reception


How Do You Decorate A Front Fence For A Wedding?

If you’re only worried about the front fence, consider these decorating ideas for the wedding:

  • Put the wedding arbor in front of the fence
  • Add large centerpieces on each side of the fence entrance
  • Run a carpet in the middle of the fence
  • Decorate the sides of the fence’s front with photos or murals
  • Put sizable wedding elements on each side of the fence



And that’s it! You just learned how to decorate a fence for a wedding using flowers, lights, and wedding elements.

We have also discussed how to decorate a fence with tulle or what alternative decorations you can use to make the fence more interesting for the wedding. Let us know below if you have any questions. 

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