How To Decorate A Chair For A Bridal Shower: 5 Easy Steps

Throwing a bridal shower for your best friend can take up a lot of your time. Suppose you are wondering how to decorate a chair for a bridal shower.

In that case, decorations can be as straightforward or as extravagant as you want them to be, so take the time to talk to the bride about what she wants for her bridal shower, and don’t be shy about asking for help from the rest of the entourage. After all, you would all want the bride to have a blast on her last few moments of singlehood.

When it comes to decorating the bridal chair, you don’t have to spend much. Start by using a chair you already have, like the one from your dining room, and use a few inexpensive supplies to dress it up.


Materials Needed

  • A sturdy chair
  • 150 feet of tulle
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons
  • Stickpins
  • Flowers (optional)

Now that you know what you need, here is a step-by-step guide in decorating a bridal shower chair:


Step-by-Step Guide In Decorating A Bridal Shower Chair

Step #1. Using a clean chair, cut your tulle into equal pieces. The length of the tulle pieces will depend on the length of the train that you want. You can start with about fifteen pieces of the 10-foot long train to start.

Step #2. Find pieces of tulle together to achieve the fullness you desire, and drape them along the back of the chair. Adjust the length to ensure that the train is even on both sides, and tie the tulle in a knot.

There is no one way to secure the tulle, as it can be as scrunched up or as spread out as you like. You can play around with the design to find which variation looks most aesthetically pleasing for you.

Step #3. Repeat the second step until all the tulle is used. To avoid making the chair look bulky, you may arrange the tulle in different angles to cover the back of the chair, tying them diagonally on opposing angles. Do not tie the knots too tightly so that you can spread the tulle pieces properly to cover the back of the chair.

Step #4. When you’re satisfied with the tulle, you can add ribbons and other adornments, such as flowers or fairy lights. You can make a bow on the back of the chair and pin the ears in place with two stick pins. Tying a bow around the chair will add a soft and sweet look.

Step #5. Following the color scheme of the party, use accent ribbons or add flowers. You can tuck spray roses and baby’s breath between the bow and the chair.

If the fit is not too snug, you can secure the flowers with more stick pins. Fresh flowers are great, but you can also use alternatives if you are concerned about wilting.


Other Tips for Decorating A Bridal Shower Chair


Tip #1. Select a theme

Themed bridal showers are popular nowadays. Unless the shower is meant to be a surprise, it is best to get some input from the bride so that you would know what she wants or expects. For instance, you might want her input on the color scheme to understand how to decorate the bridal shower chair and the venue to give a more cohesive look for the party.


Tip #2. Choose the right color scheme

White tulle is best for a classic and elegant look. However, more colorful options are great for a fun-loving, less traditional bride-to-be.

White tulle is readily available in craft and fabric stores. It is also very easy to pair with different accents such as flowers, ribbons, or jewels. You can even choose one of the wedding colors for the chair to add vibrancy and tie the events together.


Tip #3. Buying tulle

Remember that the amount of tulle you need depends on the size of the chair and the length of the train you want. So, 150 feet can be too much or not enough at all! Estimate your tulle needs based on how you would like to decorate the chair.


Tip #4. Adorn the space thoughtfully

Rely on the theme of the bridal shower to choose a mood or ambiance. You don’t have to go all-out on decorating the space.

You may want to decorate in more subtle accents to focus on the bride in her bridal shower chair. Simply soften the room with lights, sheer fabrics, or theme-specific images to add some pop to the venue.


Tip #5. Make use of functional space

The space around the bridal chair can also be functional. For instance, make sure that you can provide the bride-to-be with practical items such as scissors to help her open gifts, a trash bag for the discarded wrapping paper and tissues, and even a notebook and pen so that she can jot down the gifts to send out thank you notes later.



Don’t overwhelm yourself with the bridal shower. If you don’t know how to decorate a chair for a bridal shower, you can always ask for help from the bride’s friends and loved ones, or you can ask for her input! The important thing is for everyone to have a good time.

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