How To Decorate A Baby Shower Wicker Chair In 3 Easy Steps

To have a fabulous baby shower wicker chair centerpiece, we have three DIY steps on how to decorate a baby shower wicker chair. Make your wicker chair stand out from the rest with these decoration steps and ideas.

Baby showers are considered to be one of the most memorable moments of a family’s life. Therefore it must be as precious as it gets, so now let’s venture into the world of decorating.


DIY Steps For Baby Shower Wicker Chair Decoration

Decorating the wicker chair centerpiece must conform to the theme of the baby shower. There are two main themes to consider; a boy and a girl baby shower theme. So the piece of your decorations must conform to these two.


Step #1. Planning 

Before anything else, you must plan everything. This step must be done to ensure a much better baby shower event. Deciding for the theme that you want for your kid, selecting a good color scheme comes first to create a perfect and stylish affair.

For baby showers, light color schemes are suggested as it emanates innocence. You must base the color of your theme on lighter ones.

For a boy’s baby shower, the color scheme suggested colors are hues of blue, starting on lighter tones like light blue outlined with white and a darker shade of blue. For a girl’s baby shower theme, color hues of pink and light red are perfect.

Like the boy’s color theme, the base must be a more delicate hue. Take baby pink, for example, outlined with darker tones and white background color. If it does not go along with the mom-to-be, you can also opt for yellow and green, which are pretty popular because of their gender-neutral color hues.

For the wicker chair, choose a pleasant chair to see and is comfortable to sit on. It is essential that the mom-to-be can be at ease when sitting on the chair.


Step #2. Decoration ideation

After planning the color scheme, we now proceed to think of decoration ideas. We’ll focus on the wicker chair centerpiece because this is our main point.

Decors for wicker chairs must be simple as we want to exude innocence in our theme. Make sure to select decorations that can blend easily in the harmony of your choice. Avoid over decorating the wicker chair to the point that it will cause discomfort later on.


Step #3. Decorate

Now that you have a decorating idea, we will move to our primary goal, in decorating a wicker chair starting from the very center top. Outline the wicker chair with your baby shower’s color scheme.

You can place little ribbons on the back of the chair’s corner and at the very top. You can also set a stuffed toy and a couple of pillows for the design and the mother-to-be’s comfort. Little helium-filled balloons are also a pretty good decoration choice to place in the back portion of the chair as it does not take that much place.

Remember to place your decorations appropriately. Over decorating the chair might cause discomfort to the mom-to-be. Simple decorations are perfect for events like these because the mother’s comfort is highly prioritized in the event.

Place the wicker chair in an open space. It’s suggested because the mother can oversee the whole event and place their gifts near the chair for the guest. These gifts would also become an addition to your decoration setup.


Best decoration ideas for baby shower wicker chair

The best decoration ideas that you can have for your baby shower wicker chair are, of course, the best suited for the theme of your baby shower and the soon-to-be mother’s inputs. The event is for the mom-to-be, so what she wants will be the best decor ideas you could incorporate into your chair.

Also, some decorations are widely used. The most suggested ones are the ones that incorporate ribbons and frills. It may be monotone, but it looks pleasant all throughout.

A prominent center ribbon and little ones on the outline of the chair is a perfect decoration setup. You can also place stuffed toys as well as pillows. Not only does it provide aesthetic input, but it also provides comfort for the mom-to-be.


Are baby shower wicker chair decorations costly?

Decorations for wicker chairs used for baby showers do not need to be costly. The main goal of using a wicker chair is to provide comfort for the mom-to-be so decorations can be simple as it gets.

Ribbons, balloons, and a couple of pillows are good decorations for the wicker chair to look outstanding. The cost mainly depends on the decorations you are planning to use, to come cheap or expensive.



As you learn how to decorate a baby shower wicker chair, always keep in mind that occasions such as these are an essential aspect of life, and essential things do not need to be expensive. As they say, there’s beauty in simplicity. We hope that these DIY steps helped you in decorating a wicker chair worthy for your baby shower.

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