How to Decontaminate a Leather Recliner

What do you do when your favorite leather recliner starts to look a little worse for wear? Is it time to replace it with a new one? Not necessarily. You can restore your old friend by cleaning and disinfecting it, which will make the chair feel like new again!

In this article, we’ll discuss how to decontaminate a leather recliner so that you can continue using yours for as long as possible.

How to Decontaminate a Leather Recliner


Steps on Discontaminating a Leather Recliner

You may be tempted to throw your recliner into the washing machine, but this won’t get it clean and free of bacteria. To decontaminate a leather recliner without an expensive professional cleaning or dry-cleaning service, you’ll need:

  • A bucketful of warm water (a bit hotter than what’s comfortable for  your hands)
  • A sponge or soft cloth (laundry detergent will also work as a cleaner but you’ll need to rinse it off afterward)
  • Two old bath towels, which can be washed separately from the recliner afterward
  • An air freshener or odor neutralizer spray for your upholstery fabric like Febre ze
  • A plastic bag for the used cleaner, sponge, or cloth.
  • If your recliner is a lighter color than brown, you may want to wear gloves when handling it and use an old toothbrush as well.


Step 1. The first thing to do is vacate the room where you’re working: don’t let anyone in while you’re disinfecting the furniture.

Step 2. Next, remove any removable pieces like armrests or reclining mechanisms and set them aside to be cleaned separately later on.

Step 3. If you have a leather chair with an upholstery fabric other than brown, such as white or cream-colored, cover it with one of your towels while working so that the fabric doesn’t get stained with the brown cleaner you’re using.

Step 4. Mix one cup of Febreze and two tablespoons of dish soap in a bowl or spray bottle, then add four cups of water

Dip your sponge, cloth, or old toothbrush into it and scrub all around the chair until there’s no more dirt to clean off.

Step 5. Rinse off the chair with a wet towel and dry it with another one – or use your hairdryer on its cold setting to speed up the process

Step 6. If you have an air purifier, turn it back on now while you’re working: this will help keep any airborne bacteria from spreading around again

Step 7. If you don’t have an air purifier, spray the chair with Febreze and wipe it down again to lessen any chance of bacteria spreading. Throw your towels in the wash so they’re ready for next time.


Why do I Need to Decontaminate my Leather Recliner?

A leather recliner is a very expensive purchase and part of the process in how to keep your new chair looking beautiful, clean, and healthy. Leather furniture can be porous: it soaks up dirt like a sponge

Because of this, you’ll need to disinfect your chairs periodically if you want them to stay fresh and look good –  and not like a dirty sponge.


How you care for your furniture and how often you should clean it:

  • If there’s a spill, wipe it up immediately with an absorbent towel or cloth before the liquid stains the surface
  • Don’t put anything on top of leather until after you’ve cleaned  it
  • Leather furniture should be cleaned and decontaminated at least once a year with the proper product. To keep your leather recliner looking its best, clean it regularly.


Advantages of Discontaminating a Leather Recliner

  • Healthier for you and your family
  • Easier to keep clean
  • Less odor is associated with the cleaning process. Leaks, spills, stains: these are how accidents happen. And though leather is naturally durable, it can still be porous: it soaks up dirt like a sponge. Because of this, you’ll need to clean it more frequently than you would other materials, and how often should depend on how much use your leather piece gets.
  • Protects the investment in a quality furniture product
  • Keeps dirt from accumulating beneath the surface of the material
  • Lasts longer with regular cleaning. Leather is a natural material that has been tanned and processed to make it last for years. A proper cleaning routine is how you protect your investment in a quality piece of leather furniture
  • Keeps the air more breathable
  • Eases allergies with reduced dust mites, carpet fibers, and other allergens that might otherwise be present from dirt or spills on upholstery
  • Slows down how quickly the leather will crack or fade
  • Protects against spills with a quick and easy clean-up. Leather is porous, which means that liquids like water can soak in. When this happens, it won’t just stay on top of your furniture–it’ll seep right into the material. This causes stains and the potential for mold or mildew to fester inside.
  • Keeps air more breathable


How Often Should I Discontaminate My Leather Recliner?

How often you need to clean the leather on your furniture depends on how much it will be used. If you use your recliner only occasionally, then an annual cleaning is all that’s needed.

But if you and/or other people in your household are heavy users of the chair–especially those who eat or ine in the chair–then a cleaning every six months is recommended.

If you notice any stains or a change to how your recliner smells, then it’s time for an immediate deep clean.


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