How To Darken A Room Without Curtains? 5 Best Options!

Do you want to know how to darken a room without curtains?

Well then, read on!

Do not worry cause, as always. We got you. We will help you out on this one, and you will always be thankful for these hacks.

If you are a night person, you would want your room to be dark and always rest and work in the dark.

For this to happen, you should have curtains or blackout curtains. Imagine, without a curtain, how would that happen.

But then again, we won’t leave you curious and bothered by that idea. We will give you options to check out.

A dark room is perfect if ever the sunlight outside is too bright. Imagine how hot your room can get.

Being in the dark is not negatively in context. But sometimes, it is just better to have some shade protecting in your window.


how to darken a room without curtains

Ways To Darken A Room Without Curtains

When you are in a room with windows on it, you would always want to put curtains to darken the room.

But how can you darken it without putting some curtains on the windows of your room?

Well, don’t worry, we have here numerous ways on how you can darken the room without using curtains.

Choose a curtain that you think is suitable and manage your expectations because this is not that strong like how your curtains work.

Here are the options on how to darken a room without curtains!

Check all of them below.


Option #1. Use dark paint for walls

This option is the first thing that you can do. You do know that even the paint of your room can do something about how bright your room is.

Now you will have the option to put dark-colored paint on your walls to make sure that it will be dark inside, even without curtains.

You can use any dark-colored paint you prefer.

It could be black, dark blue, or any other colors in their darkest shades and hue.

This one will be the most efficient and the first thing you can do to darken your room without curtains.

You can do the following options after this if you would want your room dark.

But then you can also apply the remaining options without doing this first option. To be very clear.

At least your room would still look pleasant and aesthetic since you can also have designs painted along your wall.


Option #2. Use a black garbage bag

You might be wondering why it is indicated that a black garbage bag is what you would need. We will explain.

There are garbage bags in different colors, but black is the darkest color among all those bags.

We suggest you use a garbage bag since it is wide and it covers more window space. Also, that black is dark, and it can darken your room.

You will use the garbage bag as a temporary curtain to block off the heat and too much sunlight from the outside world.

Also, you can tape the garbage bag directly on the windows, or you can also tape it against the wall or your window frame.

Although this option would not look so good in your eyes, at least it can darken your room based on how you would want it.

It is cheaper and easier than the first one, but then it is plain, and it can be dull and ugly for your room.

But then again, this is for you to save enough money and have this as something temporary use only to have your room dark.


Option #3. Use foils to cover the window

The next option you have is to use foil as a barrier for the sunlight and heat going through your window.

You can use duct tapes when putting the foil in the window, but you have to be very careful since foils are easy to rip.

Measure along with your window and cut foils to cover the whole window.

Then that will serve as a good blocking towards the light.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can put another layer on top of the first foil layers.


Option #4. Reverse the bed against the window

Another tip for you to sleep well and have a peaceful sleep without being bothered by the sunlight, reverse the bed.

Move it against the window instead of it facing the window so that you can have the light behind you and not in front of you.

That’s one of the easiest ways to make everything darker for you to become comfortable and happy in your room.


Option #5. Wear eye mask

This one connects to the 4th option we gave you.

Think of why we will provide you with answers; if you want to sleep in the afternoon or the morning and don’t want light coming through, applying this.

Connecting to that is a face mask used when you are sleeping on an airplane. You can also use that one.

If you happen to have black-out curtains, you might want to check this out.

Regardless, that is all.



And we are now done with our articles.

You can now chill and rest your mind because we are done.

Good thing we have answered, how to darken a room without curtains? now you have learned something new.

where should café curtains hang

Where Should Café Curtains Hang? 5 Common Places

Do you wonder where should café curtains hang? Read further to know!

Before anything else, let us get to know more about café curtains first.

So, café curtains are attractive decorative pieces that are used to enhance cafes and diners.

You can usually see this installed in an old roadside café.

This type of window treatment lets plenty of light enter as it also provides privacy.

That is possible because it only hangs partway up your window.

It can either be displayed near the top of the window or closer to the bottom.

But most often than not, it is made to match a natural dividing line that is already present on the window.

Just like most curtain types, a café curtain is also made of fabric.

Whether the fabric is semi-opaque or sheer, it can be made with or without linings.

Commonly, they are installed using a tension curtain rod.


5 Places At Home Where Café Curtains Hang

During the old days, café curtains are installed in cafes and diners only as mentioned above.

But now, more and more homeowners used this window treatment at home.

So, where should café curtains hang?

Now, to answer your question below is the list of the places where café curtains usually hang.


#1. Kitchen

A lot of homeowners use café curtains to cover their kitchen windows.

This is one of the most ideal covering to hang on the windows above the sink in your kitchen.

That is because they can offer an unobstructed outside view as you are washing the dishes.

This type of curtain is also an excellent addition to your breakfast nook as it will let plenty of sunlight fill the space.

It is extremely ideal for the area because that is where the lively conversation takes place in the morning.


#2. Bathroom

The second most common spot in the house where café curtains are installed is in the bathroom.

This will add texture to your bathroom windows.

Not only that, but it will also provide light as well as the much-needed privacy that you need in taking a bath.

It is extremely soothing to take a bath while you are basking in the sunshine at the same time.


#3. Office

Because of the pandemic, a lot of people are required to work remotely.

If you are someone who is working from home, it is nice to have a space at home where you can optimize your productivity.

Putting plants in your office can increase your productivity.

According to research, it can also help in decreasing stress.

Hanging café curtains in the space can offer the natural light that your plants need.

But more importantly, it will also provide the right ambiance to your working environment.


#4. Nursery

A café curtain is a small and delicate embellishment that can be an excellent addition to a nursery.

Aside from the cute appeal that it can contribute, it also serves some practical purposes.

Since you would like to spend plenty of time bonding with your baby in a nursery, it would be good to have café curtains to allow the light stream.

This is good both for you and the baby.


#5. Entryway

The entryway will leave a first impression on people that are coming to your house.

It would be better to make it more inviting if possible.

Perhaps, your front door that is leading to the entryway has glass panes, install café curtains to get the right amount of natural light.


How To Hang Café Curtains?

After you decided where to hang café curtains, follow these steps to hang them.


Step #1. Measure the space

You need to get the exact measurement of your window so that your café curtains will surely fit later on.

In selecting a curtain, the width must be two times that of the window and the length must be four up to six inches more than the window length.


Step #2. Picking the curtain rod

You can either choose from return and classic rods as they are the most ideal types of curtain rods for café curtains.


Step #3. Gather the tools

You will need screws, standard level, drill, tape measure, and pencil for the installation.


Step #4. Choosing the rod placement

You should hang the curtain just above the middle of the window.

It must cover the part where the window panes meet.

This is to allow privacy at the bottom half of the window then the light can come through the top part.


Step #5. Install the curtain rod

Using your pencil, mark the spot where you intend to install the curtain rod. Do this on both window sides.

Ensure that the lines are level before marking for the holes.

Once done, you can now secure the curtain rod brackets in place.

Use a drill to install them in the wall.


It’s A Wrap!

To answer your question as to where should café curtains hang, it depends on the light control and privacy requirement of your space.

Commonly, it is used in bathrooms and kitchens. But it can also work well in your bedroom.

Hanging café curtains is a nice way to add texture, pattern, and color to the room.

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