How To Curl Hair With Blow Dryer? 5 Easy Steps!

Do you know how to curl hair with blow dryer? You don’t have an iron curler and want to curl your hair? Here are a few techniques to achieve lovely curls with a blow dryer. When you have natural curls, utilize a diffuser adaptor on your hairdryer to accentuate your waves.

On hair straightener, twisting wet hair prior to blow-drying is a terrific way to generate curls, as curling your hair with a blow dryer curler brush.

how to curl hair with blow dryer

If you have straight hair naturally, set it with a mousse when you’ve curled it to maintain it staying groomed for the whole day. If you are interested in this topic and want to learn more about how to curl the hair by using a blow dryer, just read this article at the end. You know a lot as you further delve into this article.


Methods To Curl Hair With Blow Dryer

You want to curl your hair, but you haven’t a curler iron. Don’t worry. Here in this paragraph, we have discussed all the steps that help you curl your hair with the blow dryer. Below we have mentioned all the steps that teach you how to curl hair with blow dryer.


Step #1. Apply curling cream on hair

The curler cream makes your curls more defined and more pleasing. Look for products that claim to moisturize and improve circles on the packaging. Begin just at the base, squirt a dab of cream into your hand and rub it into the hair. Your hair should be moist, not soaking wet if you’ve towel-dried it. Do now if you need to brush your hair before applying the cream. Use a curly-hair-specific mousse or a conventional put conditioner. Rather than mousse, apply a heat protectant on your hair to prevent further damage from the blow-dry.


Step #2. Make the section of hair

Divide your hair into two portions, the upper layer and the lower side, the highest point of your ears. Collect the upper surface of your hair and divide it apart on the crown area with a scrunchie or a considerable clip. It’ll also enable curling the lower layer of your hair simpler. If your hair is weighty, try dividing it into even more than two pieces to make this easier to maintain, such as one upper layer and a lower side separated into two portions.


Step #3. Brush your hair and apply gel

To remove knots from your hair and detangle them, it is better to comb your hair to guarantee that your curls are smooth. When you regularly use mousse to style your hair, take out only a tiny teaspoonful and spread it gently over your hair with your fingertips. To avoid soaking damp hair, microfiber towel it first. To avoid damages, use a wide-toothed brush on wet hair. Sprinkle sunscreen on your hair instead of using foam or gel to keep it safe out from the heat of the blow dryer. Using a hot air protectant and cream at the same time is unnecessary. You may also want to know how to properly shampoo your hair.


Step #4. Place the curler brush between the section

Select your circle brush based on the curls you want to achieve: a tiny circular brush helps you generate tight curls, whereas a broad circular brush can create larger rings. Pick a segment of hairs out from the lower side and position the comb in the middle. Start winding your hair over the comb while you brush lower by placing it in the middle. Again for the loveliest curls, always use a circular steel brush. Begin twirling the spherical brush to arrange the hair portion all over it. Using the circular brush, keep tugging and bending till you reach the tip of your string. That’s what causes your hair to curl. Bend the piece of hair 2-3 rounds with the brush, beginning in the center or at the tip of a hair every time.


Step #5. Start blow-dry

While twisting your hair with the circular brush, point the blow dryer towards the brush and dry your hair and create beautiful curls. Pushing the blow dryer with the comb along the hair length to prevent fuzz, directing the nozzle below. [10]Curl your hair on a moderate heat option, then end with a fantastic set-up to fix the curl. The steel brush is heated by the blow dryer, which aids in curling formation. Select portions of hairs to curl and dry with the help of a blow dryer and curler brush when you go over the head. Reverse the upper surface and keep curling till your haircut is curled when you’ve done the lower layer. Use hairspray to hold the curls in place.


It’s A Wrap!

We were happy that you all got the answer to your question. So, my friends, whenever you plan to curl your hair, it’s a great idea to curl it by using a blow dryer. Don’t be panic if you don’t know how to curl hair with a blow dryer, especially curly hair. All the steps mentioned above help you curl your hair and make your hair pleasant, curly just by using a blow dryer. It may be helpful to read about how to curl hair with blow dryer brush and how to use Revlon hair dryer brush to curl hair.

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